Environment Dissertation Topics


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Example Environment Dissertation Topic 1:

Householders, waste generation and recycling: A review of the effects of changes in kerbside collection arrangements in Gwent.

Topic Description : This thesis attempts to study the relation between the changes in kerbside collection arrangements on the generation of waste and its recycling in Gwent households by using ACORN. ACORN is a segmentation of the UK population into groups by analyzing demographic data and social factors. This dissertation revolves around the hypothesis of likely changes in the amount of waste that could be recycled by comparing present recycling figures to the recycling figures achieved elsewhere and uses a questionnaire to assess the resident's perception of waste recycling to assist the hypothesis.


Example Environment Dissertation Topic 2:

Office waste management: A comparative case study.

Topic Description :A 10-day audit over two weeks is conducted to enable the study and analyses of waste recycle two organizations in the same field: the registrar's offices at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University and also to proffer suggestions at the end of the audit. During the ten-day audit, a baseline data and measure of types of recyclable waste is obtained. Five days out of ten, quantitative data is obtained and types of recyclable waste and normal waste created by two departments are noted. Questionnaires regarding the present waste management are floated to understand their views on how waste is dealt with currently and how it should be dealt with. This dissertation also notes the causes which impede effective waste management and the cultural reforms that need to be brought forward for a greater amount of waste could be recycled in an appropriate manner.


Example Environment Dissertation Topic 3:

A survey as to the feasibility of installing micro-wind turbines upon the roof of the Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham.

Topic Description :The Queen's Medical Centre (QMC), larger of the two NHS hospitals in Nottingham, needs to achieve a ten percent reduction in its carbon emissions by 2015 according to the targets set by NHS, 2009. One way to achieve its target is to change the current fossil fuel dependency. This dissertation aims to study if the installation of micro-wind turbines on the roof of QMC would achieve the aforementioned objective and also study the effect of this installation on the carbon emission and QMC's fuel bills. The study can be conducted on both secondary research through extensive literature review as well as primary research at the Girvan Community Hospital, Ayrshire.


Example Environment Dissertation Topic 4:

GM crops: Public perceptions of their desirability amongst residents of Yorkshire.

Topic Description :This study is conducted in Yorkshire as it is the biggest county in England and hence, people with different social and economic backgrounds reside in Yorkshire and the county entails many different industrial and agricultural problems. This study helps us to ascertain the opinion of Yorkshire residents regarding the GM crops by using SPSS analysis. The study is conducted by interviewing four hundred residents consisting of hundred residents from the four cities of Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, and York. The respondents are interviewed twice with a two-week gap between the first and second interview and given a printed material regarding the benefits of GM crop to read during the gap and then interview the second time. This dissertation would be helpful for any postgraduate level of research and the determined.


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Example Environment Dissertation Topic 5:

Home composting in North Oxfordshire: A quantitative study in garden environmental waste management and recycling.

Topic Description :North Oxfordshire is rich in potential data with regards to home composting as it benefits from communities like Low Carbon Oxford North and Steeple Aston Horticulture society which are a representation of community spirit. This dissertation aims at studying the waste management by twenty residents of North Oxfordshire for a year including activities of composting, recycling kitchen waste and reuse of mulch and green-bark. This study could become a frame of reference for the residents across England on recycling and organic gardening.

Example Environment Dissertation Topic 6:

Beauty salons and carbon emissions: A blue print for the reduction of green house gases produced by small and medium sized enterprises.

Topic Description :According to IPCC in 2007, Greenhouse gases cause climate change and forty percent of such anthropogenic gases in the UK are emitted by business. This dissertation delves into the fact that to achieve the government's objective of reduction of greenhouse gases by 2050, can only be achieved by not only focusing on larger industries but also small and medium-sized industries. Hence, the study includes primary research on hairdressing salons and the gas emitted by them and computes solutions to reduce the amount of emissions.

Example Environment Dissertation Topic 7:

The wider environmental positives of reducing red mite infestations amongst poultry: A small-holder survey.

Topic Description :In relation to poultry farming, red mites can be a problem as infestations can lead to anemic chickens and result in their death. Hence, this dissertation involves the study of the connection between red mites and poultry rearing. The first part deals with the perception of smallholders in relation to red mites and the dangers of infestation in and around the area of Stroud and the cost-benefit analysis of replacing wooden coops with plastic (recycled) coops which would eliminate the possibility of red mite infestation. The second part evaluates whether the plastic coops will also overcome the chemical hazard due to spraying of insecticides.

Example Environment Dissertation Topic 8:

'Reduce, reuse, recycle': An analysis of how the amount of food waste can be reduced - A prison-based case study.

Topic Description :This dissertation deals with a framework for waste minimization within HMP Channing's Wood in Devon. To accomplish the aforesaid task, an audit is conducted to record the types of food bought by the prison and excess food waste produced in the prison. To overcome the problems, evaluate if certain foods could be replaced by cooking within the premises to reduce the food miles and to plan out the changes of the food menu or look at the possibility of opening a pig-farm to re-use the extra food waste.

Example Environment Dissertation Topic 9:

Bio-diversity within industrial sites: A use of waste-ground rejoinder.

Topic Description :This dissertation evaluates the extent to which the wastelands surrounding petrochemical plants can be converted into biodiversity for wildlife. To reach this conclusion, there is a necessity to examine firstly whether the prevailing culture within the corporate management of the industry would allow for the conversion. The second exploration is to study whether existing central-government legislation should be followed for the maintenance of the so created biodiversity and lastly to evaluate the effect of such bio-diversities on the consumers of the products made therefrom.

Example Environment Dissertation Topic 10:

Increasing the environmental life cycle: The repair, recycling and reuse of student desks and beds and its environmental impact. A University of Northampton case-study.

Topic Description :Today’s society is habituated with short-lived products instead of the long-term durable ones because of short product life of many products. The study focuses on the Higher education sector, to analyze the cost and life cycle assessment of two products, namely, desk and beds including mattresses, in relation to the replacement costs associated with the products in the University of Northampton. This dissertation also delves into the less explored topic of repair and reuse of the formerly mentioned products being more economical and environment-friendly and goes beyond the much-explored research on waste management.

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