Environmental Science Dissertation Topics


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For every research scholar it is mandatory to compose some specific genres/forms of writing that are reflective of what research work progress they are attaining. In this respect the importance of composing dissertation deserves special mention. Dissertation should be considered as the research map that must be effectively constructed by a research scholar so that the supervisor can understand in which direction the research study has actually been going. Hence, it is very much important for research scholars to give much importance to dissertations and to strive for composing effective dissertations. To help the students some examples of environmental science dissertations are given below:

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 1:

Environment and Resources Management (ENREM) with focus on Latin America and the Caribbean

Topic Description: An environmental science dissertation topic about environment and resources management (ENREM) with focus on Latin America and the Caribbean must be watchful about including valid information about the issues related to the problems faced by the environmentalists in the concerned regions. It has been observed that since the last few years the concerned regions are plagued with some specific environmental problems that have to be addressed in a thorough manner and it is in this regard that the dissertation must strive for obtaining valid information that would denote the problems faced by those stakeholders that have to experience the outcomes of the concerned issues.

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 2:

Natural Resources Management and Development(NRM)

Topic Description: An environmental science dissertation title, “Natural Resources Management and Development (NRM),” has the scope and opportunity to detail about the entire process in its entirety. It should be noted that in the era of globalization where environmental conditions are degrading, proper emphasis on natural resources management and development must be given and a research scholar dealing with the subject must gather valid information and evidence to support any claim made in this regard. Without obtaining valid information on the issue the dissertation would be rendered ineffectiveness that would not be a good news for the researcher actually conducting the research.

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 3:

Decreasing nuclear and radiation accidents.

Topic Description: An environmental science dissertation idea related to the process of decreasing nuclear and radiation accident should have the scope and opportunity to include within the discussion incidents and disasters occurring in the past as a way of getting deeper into the issue in a valid manner. It should be noted that protective measures have to be taken in order to alleviate the degree of such disastrous incidents that can have menacing effect and thorough negative impact on the population that experience the disaster. Hence, in such a dissertation paper reference to such past incidents and their analysis becomes quite mandatory and necessary.

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 4:

The concerns and controversies of genetically modified food.

Topic Description: An environmental science dissertation topic concerned with the controversies related to genetically modified foods should take into account the outcomes of the consumption of such food. There are fiery debates going round regarding the pros and cons of producing and consuming genetically modified foods and researchers involved in researching such issues must be must strive for gathering evidence that supports the claim that consumption of such foods may be unhealthy for some specific population. It should also be noted that genetically modified foods have not yet proved their nutritional values in a thorough manner and the post consumption reaction of such foods are often remaining unknown to scientists.


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Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 5:

The exploitation of natural resources

Topic Description: Exploitation of natural resources is an issue of concern for every environmental scientist across the globe. A research scholar conducting an environmental science research on the exploitation of natural resources must concentrate on the fact that how such depletion of natural resources can impact negatively on the future generation. Already human population has been suffering from such exploitation and the future related to the issue seems to be quite a bleak one. A research scholar conducting research on conservation of natural resources must put much emphasis on revealing the dangerous outcomes of exploiting natural resources both in the short- and long-run.

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 6:

The rising problem of smog: how can we prevent further air pollution?

Topic Description: The rising problem of smog is a serious environmental issue that has to be addressed and mitigated as soon as possible. But such proposition is not an easy one to be transformed into reality owing to the fact that the level of environmental pollution is on the rise in almost every nation and particularly in the developing countries. As long as scientists and environmental activists will fail to check the rise of pollution level in the developing and developed nations, the problem of smog will persist. It is high time that such issues have to be addressed and a research scholar conducting research on such issues must gather powerful evidence to support the fact.

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 7:

Advancements in science and concern for the environment- an analysis on the compatibility of the two routes.

Topic Description: Advancement of science and protection of environmental resources though may seem are interrelated in a positive manner can often actually be presented as contradictory issues and phenomenon. This is because many environmental scientists and environmental science research scholars have observed that rising amount of technologies when used for exploiting natural resources directly impact negatively on the environment and the ecology. This negative impact eventually results in the imbalance that is to be found occurring in the sphere of ecology and local environment in a thorough manner. Owing to such facts it becomes quite important to study the relationship between advancement in technology and environmental well being.

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 8:

The environmental implications of biochar- a literature review.

Topic Description: Any dissertation conducted on the issue of environmental implications of biochar must be infused with a good review of literature that must be extensive and thorough. But apart from being thorough and extensive such literature review must include valid sources and evidence that should support the claim that the researcher is going to made in the dissertation. It is also to be noted that the literature review must also have the ingredients that are essential to add to the coherence of the research paper allowing the researcher to generate accurate and appropriate appeal to the target audience in an extensive manner that should also be explicit.

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 9:

How have global warming effects impacted plant and animal life in the Amazonian rainforest?

Topic Description: The Amazonian rainforest has been thoroughly affected by the global warming that is impacting negatively on the climatic condition prevailing throughout the world. It should be noted that the Amazonian rainforest has been tremendously impacted by the global rise in climatic warming and this has been acknowledged by environmental scientists worldwide. Global warming has impacted on the flora and fauna of the Amazonian rainforest and this has thoroughly deteriorated the local ecology of the region, impacting largely and disastrously on the local inhabitants. Environmental scientists are striving for restoring the ecological balance of the region but they are not able to usher the change thoroughly owing to the growing socio-political problems and economic problems in the concerned region.

Example Environmental Science Dissertation Topic 10:

Evaluating the impact of environmental governance on biodiversity management in South African cities?

Topic Description: South African cities have been recently faced with different environmental issues that are creeping slowly towards destruction and devastation. The governmental efforts are also failing to take situations under control but different government agencies despite rendering efforts are not actually able to cope with the problems. Though environmental governance on biodiversity management in South African cities has been exemplary, due to some specific crises the effective implementation of some important and crucial biodiversity management programs could not be done. After evaluating the impact of environmental deteriorations on different South African cities it has been considered that the situation can become grimmer if perfect policies are not implemented appropriately.

Dissertation is an important genre of academic writing which is essential to be effectively composed by research scholars. It should be noted a diligent research scholar should strive for resorting to valid and appropriate information from good sources in a thorough manner. It is owing to this need that research scholars must try to take help from proven sources that are valid and that are evidential in nature.

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