Euro Disney Case Study


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Euro Disney Case Study

Company Name

Euro Disney

Type of Industry

Amusement Park/Theme Park


Marne-la-Vallee, France


EUR 1,278 million 

Area Served

The United States, France

Number of Stores



1. Parc Asterix
2. Futoroscope, France
3. Disneyland, USA



Target Group

People of all ages


Amusement parks/theme parks


Euro Disney Introduction

An entertainment resort in Marne-la-Vallee, France, Euro Disney has continued to attract millions of visitors from different countries. Located almost in the centre of Paris, this entertainment hub has sustained its market reputation to be one of the finest arenas of entertainment in the world. A SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the Euro Disney is essential to strengthen the Euro Disney case study and to determine how the Company is operating within a given business environment, adapting to different business challenges. It is in order to review the efficacy of the business position of Euro Disney that the Euro Disney case study has become a necessary.

Euro Disney Swot Analysis

The Euro Disney case study should have its inception with a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of Euro Disney. This inception is needed to ensure a logical flow in the Euro Disney case study.


The strong brand image of Euro Disney, as revealed by the Euro Disney case study, should be considered a primary strength of the Company. Being a pioneer in the amusement parks and theme parks industry has added to the strength of Euro Disney in a thorough manner. Moreover, it should be noted that its potential to enhance its customer base regularly is yet another strength of the Company. The exalting merchandising capacity of the characters featured in the amusement park also adds to the strength of the Company. It should also be noted that being a unique arrangement in itself has allowed Euro Disney to capitalize on the market opportunities provided by Europe. This has strengthened the Company’s business quite explicitly. Also, being the top mind tourist destination in Europe, Euro Disney’s market strength has been enhanced thoroughly.


The cost of entering Euro Disney amusement park is quite expensive, and this expensiveness has been pointed out as a weakness of Euro Disney in terms of attracting new customers. Owing to such expensiveness many tourists and travel agencies have shown proneness to keep out Euro Disney from their travel itinerary, and this has actually infused weakness in the marketing and promotion strategy of Euro Disney. Moreover, Euro Disney case study reveals that, certain incidents and accidents in the past have contributed to the declining image of Euro Disney, and this should be considered a primary weakness of the Company.


There are opportunities for Euro Disney to leverage on its strong brand presence and this can eventually pave the way for the Company to attract more visitors on a global basis. Besides, as the Euro Disney case study reveals, as there are fewer amusement parks in Europe (compared to the US), Euro Disney has the opportunity to enhance its customer base in a thorough manner. Easy navigability and easy accessibility should also be considered growth opportunities for Euro Disney. Moreover, the growth in the global tourism industry also provides opportunities to Euro Disney to expand its business and ensure continuous inflow of revenue.


The primary threat to Euro Disney’s business is its expensiveness. Its competitors provide visitor access in much lesser price and this has acted as a serious threat to the business of Euro Disney. Moreover, tendency of tourists to choose the American Disneyland over the French Disneyland is yet another threat to Euro Disney’s global business. Furthermore, the Euro Disney case study reveals that, there is a need on the part of Euro Disney to keep on updating its amusement parks globally in order to avoid boredom on the part of visitors. This issue of boredom is yet another threat to Euro Disney’s overall business.

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Euro Disney Pestel Analysis

For ensuring the completion of the Euro Disney case study effectively, it becomes essential to conduct a thorough analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments in which Euro Disney operates. Evaluation of the aforesaid factors against the backdrop of some precise environmental factors will provide a deeper insight into Euro Disney’s global business position.

Political Environment

The political environment play a decisive role in determining the future course of any business, and in this respect Euro Disney is no exception. It should be noted that the political condition of France is conducive to Euro Disney’s growth and development. But the Euro Disney case study suggests that sometimes the labor law hinders the operation of Euro Disney in France. Moreover, the unstable political condition of Europe also poses some serious threats to the business of Euro Disney in an explicit manner. The political tussle between different member states of the European Union (EU) and the tendency of EU to victimize US enterprises can eventually put the European business of Euro Disney at stake in the long-run.

Economic Environment

The volatile economy of EU should be considered a risk to Euro Disney’s business in Europe. Moreover, it should be noted that France has gone through different phases of recession in the past, and this has contributed to the decrease of Euro Disney’s revenue. Such declination can be a risky proposition for Euro Disney in the future. It should also be noted that the propensity of Europeans to spend less on luxury and expensive products can also deteriorate the business of Euro Disney in the long-run.

Social/Socio-Cultural Environment

Euro Disney has already succeeded in placing itself positively in the French cultural landscape and this has been owing to the fact that the Company has a global brand image the influences the cultural preferences of its customers in Europe and the US. It should also be noted that the advertisements and promotional efforts of Euro Disney has been in alignment with the socio-cultural needs of the Europeans, and this has again contributed to the success of Euro Disney’s business in France.

Technological Environment

Online marketing and trading has opened new arenas of opportunities for Euro Disney. By implementing the Internet technology to its benefit, Euro Disney has been able to draw more customers by providing them with online discounts. This has boosted the Company’s business in a thorough manner.

Legal Environment

Till date, Euro Disney has been compliant with the French laws related to the maintenance of theme parks/amusement parks. Complying with a particular law of France, Euro Disney has been able to set up its own safety management system that ensures proper reporting to the French authorities in a timely manner.

Environmental Factors

Through investing in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, Euro Disney has been able to establish itself as a socially responsible business entity that cares a lot for the environment and for the stakeholders. The Company’s emission management, waste management, and water management efforts deserve special mention in terms of ascertaining its market reputation of being an environmental-friendly business (The Walt Disney Company, 2017).


The Euro Disney case study has revealed that the Company has been able to establish its market reputation through investing in social, legal, and environment needs. Both the SWOT and PESTLE analyses suggested the fact that Euro Disney is continuing to emerge as a leader within its industry, promoting itself as a customer-oriented and environmental-friendly business entity. 


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