Fashion Dissertation Topics


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Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 1:

The renaissance of tweed: A contemporary review of Harris Tweed

Topic Description : Harris Tweed has returned into fashion while, years ago, the prospect of the company was considered miserable. This dissertation maps the rebirth of tweed in the 21st century as a symbolic icon that rejoices the greatest of British design. This study by merging theory with practical employ interrogation with designers, buyers, and customers, along with looking at the way Harris Tweed is created, and advertised worldwide. The capability to accept prime interviews with the free liberated workers of the island would also be valuable in the achievement of this work as it would be an interest in business exhibiting and modelling.


Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 2:

From shell suit to onesie: The enduring appeal of urban estate wear

Topic Description :This study focalises on persons of Slough by uniting fashion with parts of sociology. In that way, it tries to estimate the reasons behind the continuing demand for city estate wear between areas of the city populations. A detailed review of present literature upon the topic in addition to interviews with wearers and those who hate this cloth was used in this study to plan the connection if it is present between individual socio-economic influences and the wearing of this cloth. As a theory that marks educational restraints, this dissertation is ideal for post-graduate study.


Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 3:

Discerning dog-wear: From plastic mac to boutique Barbour.

Topic Description :This study is concentrating on the small dog marketplace like Bichon fries and toy poodles. It will examine shifting fashions in the world of pet fittings. The dissertation records what in the wet climate the dog should wear. With time passing, there have been lots of innovations. Example with Barbour now, there is tailored jackets for coddled doggies. Studying recent market movements and interviewing holders about their favourites that will include asking about the poodle transporter and the doggy bag), will report this study as a place in the profitable fashion market that is usually overlooked academically.


Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 4:

The decline of the tie: A social investigation.

Topic Description :Since Roman times, men's clothing has been all about skinny leather, bow-tie, neckwear and wearing a cravat. Though, with the first arrival of 'dress down Fridays', yet, the acceptance of non-tie men's cloth as a method of being one of the political best wearers, puts the tie as an important piece of the wardrobe of the white collar employed men seems disappearing. This dissertation maps the increase and decrease of the tie as a community phenomenon within fashion developments, planning its first usage to its multicoloured forms in the 1960s to its present day position.


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Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 5:

An investigation into the wearing of academic dress amongst Britain’s public school teachers: A traditional dress code in danger?

Topic Description :The degree to which the wearing of educational dress within the teaching public has become neglected in latest years, this was highlighted in the third version of Shaw's Academicals Dress of Great Britain and Ireland. Although academic capitals such as Eton still necessitate teachers to wear white tie, yet, it is obvious to everyone that wearing gowns in the staffrooms of Britain's community and self-governing schools, is not considered stylish or essential. As an alternative, its wear is downgraded to award evenings and parents' meetings. This study owes to access the current insights of academic gowns in the schoolroom, through interviewing an assortment of staff, students and parents, from inside four principal public schools in the West Midlands.

Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 6:

A critique as to the on-going appeal of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales as a fashion icon.

Topic Description :The influences of Princess of Wales, Princess Diana on the fashion business in the UK carry on to book today. Diana was not only a bellwether, but, easing the professions of emerging designers, but her wisdom of grace remained available to the public. Diana's fashion extended from the wedding dress that symbolized the 1980s, by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, to casual jeans and pullovers. This thesis registers Diana's advocating of designers, for example, Bruce Oldfield, David Sassoon, Jacques Azagury, as well as Christina Stambolian, Catherine Walker, and Versace, throughout the 80s and 90s. Also, this dissertation assesses to what point her effect continues to mark the fashion industry and hopes of queenly clothing.

Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 7:

Fetish wear and the middle classes: A rejoinder.

Topic Description :This dissertation look for an explanation about the increase of obsession wear between the middle classes, this is after the success of Fifty Shades of Grey and an alert increase of more sexy risky underclothing within Marks and Spencer's, as well as the more conventional acceptance of sexual carry out formerly kept secret behind doors. Agent Provocateur and Ann Summers along with, the company reports of M&S, this is a thesis that discovers a previously under-investigated facet of a high-street outfit. It is mainly a fashion and fashion trading study with the concentration on sociology that could also include key research. Certainly, it is a dissertation that could also value from being hypothesized within the varying nature of relations between mothers and daughters. Now we can see best friend relationship rising instead of the common generational chain of command.

Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 8:

From cat walk to soft furnishings: The crossover of fashion trends.

Topic Description :The summer and winter collections from 2005 – 2012 were assessed in their fashions and trends. This study notes the limits that may be separated between catwalk fashions and fabrics in the High Street. This dissertation commented on soft furnishing, recent trends and the desires of customers. This is a study that could make a noteworthy influence on a number of broader studies of fashion trading and advertising. Allowing a specific attention to be attracted upon the entire business or part of it makes the use of main consultations with stylists of collections and clients, within the limits of this study. This should be enlarged by a detailed review of the current literature. This dissertation also puts itself in worldwide qualified work.

Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 9:

Perceptions of a technological fashion icon: The Apple i-Pad.

Topic Description :Recognizing that fashion is an essential role in all facets of modern life, this dissertation tries to evaluate client opinions of Apple's iPad. This dissertation will do it by interviewing 50 people who currently use the Apple's iPad and 50 who use another tablet. In guiding confrontational talks the study will ask them about the appealing design abilities of each type that they love and hate. After assessing the information using SPSS, this study will join the fact of the larger responsibilities of fashion sideways with main facts collected and statistical analysis. This dissertation has the perspective to help forthcoming fashion business people to appreciate the features of the underlying fashion of the community.

Example Fashion Dissertation Topic 10:

From Brideshead Revisited to Jack Wills: Changing student fashions. A comparative study of the Universities of Oxford and Oxford Brookes.

Topic Description :The authenticity of Oxbridge is now distant from the conventional appearance invented up by re-runs of Brides head Return to or broadcasting concern with the dress codes of certain dining people. This is due to shifting from its usual image of striped blazers, boaters, quarrels, and young boys striking in summer. This dissertation wants to separate fashion actualities from fashion literature. It will evaluate the degree to which there has been a unity of student clothing styles in the city. This study will start interviews and reviews about the perceptive behind the result of JCRs of the common Oxford colleges that prevented the wear of tweed inside their respected grounds.

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