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Film is one of the most powerful means of communication. Not only from the artistic perspective has the film had importance on both social and cultural aspect. The technological advancement also has influence on film industry and film studies. Film studies dissertation topics varies and research on this topic will enable the people to understand the critical thinking involved in film making. Film studies dissertation ideas will help in gathering information regarding world film industry and resources regarding this topic are available plentiful. Therefore both primary and secondary research can be conducted properly. The outcomes on the other hand may vary due to the conflicting opinions of different sources due to the fact each person has different preferences in film and film making.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 1:

The popularisation of Latin American cinema in the UK: A challenge yet unmet.

Topic Description: UK has a very popular film industry and Latin American cinema has their own flavour that is very different than traditional English movies. Therefore, popularisation of Latin American movies globally or in UK is a challenge for sure. This film studies dissertation topic is a broad topic and therefore a lot of issues can be addressed in response to the Latin American cinema. The primary quantitative research can be done for understanding the current statistics of Latin American cinema popularity in UK. The research findings will enable the film students identify the issues of mainstream film industry and how this challenge can be dealt head on, will be a recommendation for this study as well.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 2:

The popularity of true crime portrayals and crime fiction in French media between the wars: An exploration of the transfer from published formats to cinema.

Topic Description: Thriller has been among favourite views for decades and therefore the popularity of French crime fictions are not a complete surprise. The demand of French crime thriller in particular is astounding and they have single-handedly ruled the market. The media now is taking advantage of this popularity and transforming it from a published format to media format. This film dissertation topic will cover a lot of aspect involving success of French media. The secondary research methodology can be used for this study and a lot of already published peer reviewed journals can be referenced for conducting research. The findings will help deduce recommendation as well that will outline the success formula of print to media.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 3:

Perspectives of youth in Latin American cinema in the 21st century.

Topic Description: Latin American cinema has changed a lot over the years since its beginning. The gender roles and so called stereotypes are now changing as well. The young generation is very much part of the pop culture and therefore their perspectives matter a lot in the industry. Film studies research topics like are best suited for primary quantitative research. The survey can be conducted to gain insight regarding this matter. The findings have to be analysed properly for accurate recommendations in this research. The influence of Latin American films on the youth can be identified as well. Sample size has to be selected properly as well for better results of the research.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 4:

The role of propaganda in the Soviet film industry: 1917-1953.

Topic Description: Soviet Union of Russia has used film as a mode of propaganda for a long time. It was definitely effective in urban locations during 1917-1953 therefore; Dissertation idea on this topic will showcase information from initial times of film industry. Primary research technique has to be utilised to get proper findings on this film studies dissertation idea. Peer reviewed journals are very reliable source that can be referenced for this study. There are also books and research studies that can be utilised as well for this study. Descriptive method has to be used for analysing data for this film studies dissertation topic.


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Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 5:

The Matter of Identity: Digital Media, Television, and Embodied Difference

Topic Description: There are different modes and methods used for communication. In the age of advanced technology, the different mode like digital media, television has different roles and different audience as well. The film studies dissertation title like this will discuss about the different identity and roles of different media. Non empirical type of study can be used for conducting this study. The analysis will be done and different theories related to film studies will be also part of this Film studies dissertation topic. For data collection, the sample size will contain viewers of all the different modes of media. The analysis will be also done to compare these different modes as well.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 6:

The Rehearsal for Terror: Form, Trauma, and Modern Horror

Topic Description: Film study primarily is a practical based study and the rehearsal is definitely a integral part of it. Horror is one of the genre’s that have some very much favourite of the viewers and modern horror cinema has evolved a lot over the years as well. This film studies dissertation can use secondary for the analysis of data. This genre also has a lot of resources as well which can be collected and analyses accordingly for the research issue. There is deductive reasoning that can be used for these film studies dissertation ideas. The recommendation and conclusion regarding this film studies dissertation topic will be helpful in future studies as well.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 7:

Impasse in Multilingual Spaces: Politics of Language and Identity in Contemporary Francophone Contact Zones

Topic Description: The complicated situation faced in multilingual spaces is directly related with the film industry. The different languages spoken in different regions due to immigration have been an apparent issue all over the world especially in Francophone Contact Zone. Film study dissertation will enlighten the facts and figures regarding this issue and there can be thematic analysis as well. The political involvement makes the issues regarding this matter a much more sensitive as well. Inductive mode of reasoning will be appropriate for this film studies dissertation idea. The findings from the research will give ways to overcome these issues as well. Displacement of the minorities is not proper solution of this issue and the objective will be to find proper solution of this issue as well.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 8:

A Changing Perspective: Examining the New Wave in Greek Cinema

Topic Description: Greek film industry is rich in history and excels in domestic as well as international market sometimes. Greek drama and theatre have been very popular from ancient times. The new alternatives to these form of entertainment is definitely the movies called The Greek Wave. The contemporary crisis has spurred the rise of these New Wave Contemporary movies in Greece. The primary and secondary both research methods can be used for this film studies dissertation topic. The analysis of the research data will help in recognising the social impact on the films as well. The deductive reasoning will be chosen for the analysis of the data.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 9:

Diverse Landscapes: A Study of World Cinema in the Festival Circuit

Topic Description: Film industry is a diverse and dynamic industry and therefore film festivals are a great way to celebrate the genius of the filmmakers around the world. This film dissertation topic like this helps in highlighting the diversity and gain unique information about this industry as well. This research topic can use secondary research for better resources and for analysis the inductive reasoning can be utilised as well. The findings of the research will be helpful for future research students as well. Film studies dissertation idea is a broad topic therefore, the narrowing down of the issues will help in meeting the objectives of the dissertation topic.

Example Film Studies Dissertation Topic 10:

The Promised Land: The West as a Trope in the New Romanian Cinema

Topic Description: The new wave cinema has entered the Romanian film industry as well. Romanian film industry has started to gain worldwide recognition due to these innovative and different ways of filmmaking. The past 10 years have been game changing for the Romanian cinema. Therefore the change and transition period can be also discussed in this film studies dissertation topic. Both primary and secondary research methodology can be used for this film studies dissertation title. The data needs to be analysed appropriately so that the positive aspect of these movies can be outlined and recommendation will be made to encourage social and cultural improvement through New Wave Movies.

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