Finance Dissertation Topics


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Example Finance Dissertation Topic 1:

According to Barrett (2011), ‘one of the financial instruments of mass destruction, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS for short) were at the toxic heart of the credit crunch, providing a fast route to cheap debt… but now, there are hopes that the real estate securitisation markets could creak back into life' - a critical appraisal.

Topic Description : The crisis of credit has had a deep disintegrating impact on the financial markets. This credit crisis can now be used as an example to understand from the faults committed in the past. This study explores the subject of commercial mortgage-related securities as well as inquires into the prospects of the product being successful while keeping in mind the past incidences. Along with the literature review of the above topic, this dissertation also employs one-on-one interviews with five important persons who are residents of the city as a primary research approach and commences the thesis by suggesting proposals regarding how the markets can proceed responsibly hereafter.


Example Finance Dissertation Topic 2:

Lines of credit in corporate finance: A post-global-crisis case study

Topic Description :This dissertation assesses the various factors which persuade leading firms and organizations to adopt bank credit lines or cash in regards to the management of their corporate liquidity. This brings forth the problems related to maintaining high flows of cash and also the application of feasible liquidity substitutes. The dissertation recommends that higher cash flows need to be maintained in order for the firms or organizations to avoid covenant violations as the banks are not predisposed to give credit facilities to such defaulters. This dissertation encompasses contemporary topics which can be modelled into a variety of global fields.


Example Finance Dissertation Topic 3:

Shipping finance in Singapore: A case study of current options

Topic Description :Singapore being a shipping centre of international nature, construction of ships is a highly profitable business here. This dissertation involves evaluating the different financing options available to the ship owners for building new ships or reconstructing the models. Even amidst the crisis of finance, banks are leading source of funds when numerous banks might tend to trim down their contribution to the shipping industry. To understand the shipping world and its sources of finances, interviews with three ship owners is conducted. The dissertation consummates by providing a summary of the best options for financing available and also illustrates the thought process of the ship owners while choosing such financial options.


Example Finance Dissertation Topic 4:

Financial risk management in maritime finance

Topic Description :It is prominent how volatile the maritime industry can be and given the alterations in the financing of ships, this volatility is further affected and has to lead the banks to be more cautious while lending. This study recognizes that loan securitization might be progressively included in shipping finance in the future. Therefore, the ship owners need to manage the financial risk involved with the changes that will follow the above-mentioned loan securitization. It estimates the maximum risk to be faced by ship owners. It also differentiates and determines the level of risk and throws light on how shipping investments and build rates will change under the circumstances


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Example Finance Dissertation Topic 5:

A critical discussion of the use, for investment purposes, of standard deviation as a risk indicator

Topic Description :The risk is an integral part of decision making while investing. And while there are a lot of analytical tools are prevalent in the business of investing and are utilized to assess investments and proceed to decisions on its basis, most predominant among them is the standard deviation. It is considered efficacious as it represents not only the volatility and underlying risk of the investment but also the correlation between volatility and the risk. This dissertation mostly uses primary sources for the research and draws the evolution of the method of standard deviation as a process of investment decision for 40 years and weighs its relevance subsequent to the credit crunch age.

Example Finance Dissertation Topic 6:

An analysis of the extent to the most important risk that international banks face in cross-border operations is political risk

Topic Description :Garrett, Mahadeva, and Sviridzenka quoted, “systemic risk among the network of international banking groups arises when financial stress threatens to criss-cross many national boundaries and expose imperfect international co-ordination' (2011: 1)” and in relevance to the aforementioned quote, this study focuses on the methods which the international banks use to determine and also to mitigate this systematic risk in a scenario of global aspect which is as stressful as it was a decade or century ago. To determine and control such risk, it’s very important to understand the political environment. To obtain the objective and to have a deeper learning of the problem, opinions of representatives of the Bank of England and financial figureheads is taken into consideration.

Example Finance Dissertation Topic 7:

With reference to the Dutch banking sector and contemporary developments within corporate governance: To what extent is there now a closer correlation between the expectations of internal and external auditors?

Topic Description :The Dutch banking sector is experiencing a new age of Corporate Governance has emerged with the new Dutch Corporate Governance Code which commenced on January 1, 2009. The primary reason for the establishment of such reform was to restore trust in the system which was shaking as a result of the worldwide credit crunch. The reforms aim to focus not only on improving bank governance but also on risk management and audit and the policies regarding pay. This dissertation assesses the progress made by the reform policies in the three years since its commencement and evaluates through the current governance and auditing practices prevalent in 4 Dutch Banks. To support and to understand the topic better, interviews with senior officials of the banks are conducted.

Example Finance Dissertation Topic 8:

Since 2010, has the IMF done enough to overcome its perceived institutional illegitimacy and inefficiency?

Topic Description :As told by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the then Managing Director of IMF, the International Monetary Fund concurred in 2010 to the most major administration update in its history of 65-year old and the greatest ever move of impact for developing the business sector and creating nations to perceive their developing part in the worldwide economy. This was a partial response with respect to the past cases where Coffey and Riley, among others, had claimed that the IMF was inefficient and needed authenticity. This dissertation involves an assessment of the reforms that were made regarding the governance policies of the International Monetary Fund after 2010 by utilizing Strauss-Kahn's declaration alongside the opinions of Coffey and Riley (2006).

Example Finance Dissertation Topic 9:

Quantitative easing: The controversial approach of the Bank of England

Topic Description :The adoption of a Quantitative Easing policy to tackle the current financial crisis has created a rift inside the Bank of England. This dissertation inspects the approach conducted by the Monetary Committee on making this decision and also delves into the viewpoints of a committee’s former member who reputedly voiced opposing viewpoints on the adoption by the bank with respect to the Quantitative Easing policy, Professor Andrew Sentance. To accomplish the above task and gain a deeper learning of the difficulties that the committee faces while taking such decisions, an interview with Professor Sentence will be conducted.

Example Finance Dissertation Topic 10:

A critical assessment of the role of the WTO in world trade. To what extent can it be argued that the organisation, in its institutional operations, is designed primarily to advance the interests of developed nations?

Topic Description :The WTO follows five fundamental principles to guide its work. This dissertation aims to assess the degree to which WTO still follows the principles. To attain the objective, this study examines the following points. Firstly, it scrutinizes the Non-discrimination principle. Secondly, it inspects the existence of transparency with respect to the operations and governance of WTO. Thirdly, it studies if trade negotiations and trade agreements are carried out are fair and unbiased. Fourthly, it explores if the reciprocity principle is followed in regards to international relations. Lastly, it seeks to find out the degree to which WTO favours the new industries in developing nations to support them. This dissertation aims to study the level to which the above-mentioned principles still guide WTO in its workings in the twenty-first century by analyzing the different policies adopted over the range of past fifteen years.

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