Forensic Science Dissertation Topics


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The term forensic science refers to the public discussion that applies to the judicial system. Therefore, forensic science is an important section in scientific methods including its very processes in solving any crime related tasks. Medical practitioners are mostly done with the forensic science while collecting evidence of modern pathology. In this regard, scientific innovation and advancements have allowed the disciplines of specialising almost everything from DNA to dentistry and tool marks. Related to the forensic science dissertation, this is then followed by different literature review, books, journals are used to carry out this present dissertation for the success of the future references.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 1:

An analysis of and other common factors such as chemical composition in cling film used in the packaging of illicit drugs.

Topic Description: In case of forensic intelligence purpose, comparative analysis has become a critical section where drug investigation is all in all. In this very traditional area, there are some crucial aspects those are important for investigating all the times, for example, understanding of drug packaging, distribution, supply, and drugs intelligence of course. Cling film has been used in packaging of illicit drugs. Multivariate comparison of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratio is the prime concern when cling film is used and grouped according to seizure. The forensic Science Dissertation Ideas of cling film needs to maintain as a top priority. Samples of cling film need to be tested as methanol and chloroform which are both found to extract the POV material from non-PVC cling films.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 2:

Improvements in gathering techniques in buccal cell collection for DNA testing among unwilling subjects.

Topic Description: Mixed results can be seen at the time of collecting buccal cells from DNA testing. At the time of identifying the epithelial deposits by maintaining the traditional cotton swab, such improvements can be seen. The method of the wet cotton swab is problematical among unwilling subjects. Many studies have shown that mouthwash collection of buccal cells is quite difficult to achieve positive results from an unwilling subject. This current dissertation may consider an obstructive pattern when saliva may be gathered by avoiding the use of wet cotton swabs. The Forensic Science Dissertation Topics on DNA testing and buccal cells could be treated as important when primary and secondary sources are gathered to look after any future matters.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 3:

A comparison of illicit tablet recognition systems.

Topic Description: Although there has been much research conducted on the recognition system, according to the US survey research drug classification is as important as public policy and health services. As illicit drugs are famous for its bad reputation; these are mostly used to influence criminal activities. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation, every prescription should have a unique look in terms of shapes, size, imprint and colour. The forensic science dissertation title is all about portraying the hidden truth of illicit tablet. The dissertation will be wiped out the evaluation of current patterns on the basic concept of illicit tablet recognition system. As the illicit tablet colour feature is represented as a histogram, it is expected that the forensic dissertation topic will understand the forensic requirements.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 4:

The accuracy of racial estimation in standard hair tests amongst forensic hair examiners of fewer than five years' service.

Topic Description: In a criminal investigation, hair evidence is one of the most common evidence encountered. During the phase of hair growth cycle, individuals lost their hair, and the evidence may transfer during the criminal course activity. Microscopic hair examination in standard hair tests can be demonstrated in the field of taxonomy which is nothing but a practice of classifying biodiversity. If a dissertation is made on the very topic of forensic science, then it is expected to overcome or understand the priority of racial estimation in hair test standard. The microscopic hair examination provides objective and scientific observation with a clear investigation.


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Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 5:

The interpretation of forensic DNA evidence

Topic Description: Interpretation of forensic DNA evidence is nothing but one of the most comprehensive DNA resources. For a forensic purpose, DNA evidence is widely used techniques in forensic science dissertation topics. In case of medical and genetic situation DNA evidence itself a diagnosis and gene mapping technique. Forensic DNA typing method could be treated as an alternative approach to statistical evaluation. Therefore, the evaluation of DNA evidence involves different theories and concepts to provide both primary and secondary sources to apply their respective source materials. The techniques and principles of DNA segment and interpretation can provide abundant information by which two unrelated persons can share all their identification data and information. The forensic science title has involved both scientific and legal issues which are very powerful and will become more so.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 6:

Enhancement of RNA-based methods for body fluid and cell type identification

Topic Description: Understanding the circumstances of biological materials represents evidentiary items based on the positive identification of body fluids and tissues. According to the molecular-based approach, messenger RNA is a strong example of a molecular approach that identifies the body fluid identification by identifying the level of quantitative RT-PCR. On the other hand, Capillary electrophoresis is required to separate amplification and detention steps for the purpose of close-ended analysis. Here the forensic science dissertation believes in including more research on RSA analysis. Also, the dissertation requires mRNA profiling assays to reduce the time and cost of analysis in High-Resolution Melt (HRM) assays.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 7:

New technologies for the identification of body fluids utilizing RNA Methods.

Topic Description: RNA profiling is used to scatter forensically has become popular in forensic science. The body fluid markers also used to detect the mRNA transcripts. In this preceding discussion, next-generation sequencing delivers a new way as well as opportunities in forensic science. Buccal and vaginal cells are mainly collected using cultiplast rayon swabs. The technology Mouse monoclonal anti-ESR is used as an antibody with orange fluorescent level. The forensic science dissertation idea would also be triggered by using a Leitz Diaplan microscope for better outcomes. The dissertation currently notes that the new technology can further distinguish vaginal cells from buccal cells.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 8:

Studying the Aging of Injuries and Injury Age Estimation using a Gene Expression Approach

Topic Description: In forensic pathology, determining the wound age is entirely necessary and challenging as well that may contribute to the very recon crime scenes situation. Order of injuries and timing of forensic pathology involve different traumas. Here in this case of forensic science dissertation topic, Gene expression approach is very useful that is directly linked to the understanding of proteins with the functions of enzymes. This present dissertation is willing to explore more in terms of cell expression modulation. Also, gene expression may occur in the nucleus and due to the impact of RNA proteins, cell subregions need to focus more.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 9:

Zopiclone degradation in biological samples Characteristics and consequences in forensic toxicology

Topic Description: Zopiclone is a short-acting hypnotic drug that is used for insomnia treatments following by three important pathways- demethylation to inactive NDZOP, oxidation to the active ZOPNO, and oxidative decarboxylation. In logical matrices, ZOP is itself an unstable analyte which depends on pre-analytical factors. There are some dependable factors- temperature and storage time. Analysis of ZOP is mainly performed by gas chromatography with the detection of nitrogen phosphorous. The psychological factors like matrix composition, drug interactions, and plasma protein levels need to analyze in forensic toxicology. Therefore, the dissertation will first include the degradation of Zopiclone, and then the biological samples are needed to characterize.

Example Forensic Science Dissertation Topic 10:

Stability of zopiclone in whole blood Studies from a forensic perspective

Topic Description: As zopiclone is analysed by using a number of different analytical methods, the investigation of zopiclone must be done in whole human blood by comparing the stability among spiked and authentic samples. From a forensic perspective, different stability tests are mainly performed for the reason of investigating short-term and long-term stability. Influence of pre-analytical zopiclone interpretation is similarly important after investigating the different stability tests where the whole blood must observe a number of times. The forensic science dissertation wants to focus more on the whole blood studies from a forensic perspective.

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