French Dissertation Topics


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French dissertation topics are generally based on French culture, literature and society. They may depict, investigate and explore the present as well as historical scenarios of France. The students should choose the French dissertation titles that are narrow rather than those that present a generalized idea. To help you understand this perspective our experts have brought 10 examples of French dissertations for you.

Example French Dissertation Topic 1:

The Common Agricultural Policy: Presenting a French viewpoint

Topic Description : The common agricultural policy (CAP) of the European Union has undergone many amendments over the past decade. France being the largest recipient of the CAP now fears the nationalization of the policy after 2020. This dissertation analyses the advantages and disadvantages of the CAP in view of the French farmers. It also studies and demonstrates the concerns of the French politicians on CAP. It has been recently reported that this policy holds certain complexities and has not performed well in France. The views of the French farmers regarding CAP have been collected by interviews and the dissertation presents a clear summary of them at the end.


Example French Dissertation Topic 2:

An evaluation of French energy policies in the early 21st century

Topic Description :It has been reported that by 2017 France derived almost 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy. Despite the debate over the nuclear waste, nuclear energy is a major source of energy in France. But it has been reported that France is making changes in their energy policy and is promoting ‘Clean Energy Technologies’ or we should say renewable energy resources. This paper addresses this puzzle and highlights the major reasons behind the shift. We subsequently address the development in political fields, organizational fields in France and interactions with the European environment that are supposed to have a huge impact on the energy policy of France.


Example French Dissertation Topic 3:

Le blog: France's passion for blogging

Topic Description :Blogging although has conquered almost the whole world today France is known for its amazing passion for blogging. Reports suggest that over 17 million French people already know what a blog is and one can find a French blog on almost every aspect of life whether it is the lifestyle, cultural politics, food, or health. This paper brings up the major reasons behind the rise of the blogging industry in France. It further examines and analyses the impact of this rise over other traditional media industry in France. To accomplish the study several shreds of evidence have been collected about the French telecommunications and early blogging periods.


Example French Dissertation Topic 4:

How did the Church get separated from the State?

Topic Description :This dissertation searches the roots of French secularism. In 1905, a law formalized the separation of the state and the church and that clearly segregated the religion and the political power. Firstly, this paper highlights the relations between the church and the state prior to the law. Secondly, it investigates the immediate, direct as well as indirect reasons why the law came into being. Thirdly, it explains how the separation took place white Church opposed the law and what were the various challenges faced in implementing the law. It also highlights the law of January 1907 and how this law managed to overcome the problems that were being faced by the regulation of the law of December 1905.


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Example French Dissertation Topic 5:

Highlighting linguistic features of native-English teacher talk as a reference framework for French-speaking EFL teachers

Topic Description :Research shows that the ‘teacher talking time’ is about 70% of the total class time which means that the language fluency of a teacher plays a major role in student learning. This paper examines the linguistic features of a non-native English teacher and a native English teacher on the basis of two functions of teaching - giving the instructions and explaining language. The study follows a Corpus approach to test and observes the teachers talk in ESL classes. Results obtained show that a non-native teacher talks more directly than a native one. Also, the native teachers have a higher frequency level than the others. The study provides a set of future recommendations on ESL teacher education thereafter.

Example French Dissertation Topic 6:

The letters of French and German soldiers in World War One

Topic Description :This paper investigates how governments prepared and organized their troops during the World War I. To accomplish this objective, the paper uses the letters written by French and German soldiers in the World War I. The paper highlights several aspects such as patriotism, equity, brotherhood and protection of women. It also explains how these soldiers despite being militants had a realization of their domestic roles as well. The study compares the ideologies of French and German soldiers and the influence of their variant religious practices on them. It clearly analyses how having different ideologies never affected their unison as they were driven by the same goal and that was survival and defence of the nation.

Example French Dissertation Topic 7:

French-English bilingual children's encoding of old and new information

Topic Description :This dissertation was carried out with an aim to determine the appropriateness of the occurrence of cross-linguistic influence (CLI) among the French-English bilingual children. We have investigated how topological differences, language dominance, frequency and input quality affect the CLI. We have also investigated the roles of language exposure and processing on CLI. The results indicate that there is a multitude of variables that are responsible for it such as language dominance, frequency, structure complexity, and factors like input quality and structural overlap do not affect the phenomenon.

Example French Dissertation Topic 8:

French Travellers to Scotland, 1780-1830: An Analysis of Some Travel Journals

Topic Description :Historical documents hold a great significance in demonstrating the lifestyle, challenges and traditions of a time period. This paper presents the scenarios in France and Scotland experienced a by the Travellers in the time period between 1780 and 1830. Here we have referred to the journals of five Travellers who travelled to Scotland from France in that time. The paper highlights the life in the rural areas, towns, industries and the agricultural, social, and economic situation in France as well as Scotland. The change in the approach of Travels has been examined at a deeper level.

Example French Dissertation Topic 9:

The Splendid Century: Life in the France of Louis XIV

Topic Description :The Sun King, Louis the great, or Louis XIV reigned for 72 years from 1643 to 1715. That time period can be regarded as a golden age of art, music, literature, sports as well as theatre. This paper brings above that era once again by the viewing France in the reign of King Louis. It has been found that the king Louis was a threat to many European Nations including Spain and England. From his early life to how we gained control over France, the paper also examines the social, political, medical, religious and economic conditions of the country during his rule.

Example French Dissertation Topic 10:

National anthem of a French-speaking country and the history behind it

Topic Description :A National Anthem is nothing but an identity of a nation. If not only unites the citizens of the country but portrays the glorious stories of the struggles and traditions of the nation. This dissertation explores the historical facts behind the National Anthem of France - La Marseillaise. The song was accepted as a national anthem of France on July 14, 1795, but was banned thrice until 1879. Exploring the origin of the Anthem, the musical antecedents, and historical variations of the lyrics we have depicted the significance of The Anthem for the French community. It has also been found that The Anthem has been noteworthily used in media and other musical works from 1813.

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