Geography Dissertation Topics


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Example Geography Dissertation Topic 1:

The development of Chicago as a city during the nineteenth century: A comparative study with Edinburgh.

Topic Description :As per Cronon (1991, p. 64), Chicago's city lanes were one of those places where by-products of distinctive ecosystems, the distinctive economy had come together. Stating the above, this dissertation states a clear message of development to both Chicago and Edinburgh in terms of commercials and governance of the 19th century. The study, however, links the main competencies of urban geographies, that also includes a theory of space along with issues related to civil rituals falling under urban spaces.


Example Geography Dissertation Topic 2:

A literature based review of the main strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative approaches for the study of urban geography

Topic Description :The urban geography, particularly, the cities and the regions are a developing point of research within the departments of geography at UK’s leading universities with rising number of the researches being performed to address issues such as in the post-industrial era, the urban development of urban-ness and the advancement of reconstitution of spaces within the city. Issues focusing upon space and the society within the post-industrial capital of Birmingham, the thesis explores the challenges such research geographer faces while achieving academic balance amid fieldwork, interviews, literary reviews, and modelling of computers questioning whether if such studies of the approach involving mixed method preferred by the social researchers being the best research medium.


Example Geography Dissertation Topic 3:

A discussion of cultural provinces of England: How historical geographical analysis can assist in the identification of a distinctive geo-cultural Cornish identity.

Topic Description :The work of the eminent geographers such as Langton, Gilbert & Fawcett assisted in shaping the entire geography of understanding the idea of cultural provinces and regionalism in England. The problems related to regionalism or any cultural behaviours is not one of the mere historic geography analysis as may be most recently illustrated as the work concluded by Colls in North Umbria. Through this dissertation, the theories put forward by Colls with respect to North Umbria are applied to Cornwall. So, the entire landscape describing the history has collaborated with the geo analysis of improving cultural trends in Cornwall. The thesis or dissertation is very challenging combining the aspects of entire history and cultural geography, particularly falling in the interest of a student with joint honours background specifically.


Example Geography Dissertation Topic 4:

An evaluation of the role of the environment in shaping development prospects in Isan (north eastern Thailand).



Topic Description :This dissertation is mainly all about the compilation of primary data (new) whereas, contextualizing the same data into debates of geography with practical literature review. This gives a balance to the overall study of the academic approach. In process of collecting the primary data, the researcher will have to spend his entire 3 months steering the research, interviews with the local individuals to determine their actual worries related to regionalism, in fact, the traditional way that combines with the local atmosphere. This practice particularly increases the development of a globalized type of nature with Isan, however, having a deep realization for the challenges being faced in the development.


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Example Geography Dissertation Topic 5:


Topic Description :The pivotal importance within urban geography is the issues related to the use of land and its redevelopment. By the use of the previous canal basin redevelopment as well as canal-side warehouses redevelopment at market Harborough within Leeds into residential units, has become a matter of case study with primarily two objectives. The first objective lies behind the evaluation of development or success in terms of their contribution towards urbanization, charted by Smith where renovation of previous areas will be an incredible encouragement to folks who are willing to move in the centre of the city. The second factor, the study asks about the redevelopment of sites (like those in Huddersfield and Salford) which can be developed over the expense of the past experience. The thesis can be improved further from the human geography perspective by interviewing more localized citizens.

Example Geography Dissertation Topic 6:

Poulantzas' interpretation of national territory: A critical evaluation in relation to Scottish independence.

Topic Description :As per to Poulantzas (1978, p. 104), the national territory is not related to the land natural features. Rather, it is mainly of a political nature of the State that tends in monopolizing the procedures of the spatial organization. Intertwining the meaning of place and the political geography involving the concept of statehood, the thesis evaluates the referendum proposal, 2014 on independence, which was devised by the government of Scotland through the auspices of the National party of Scotland and Alex Salmond, according to the academic opinion of Vortex of Poulantzas. While doing it, the geographical thesis is put adjacent to the problems of the contemporary politics and the public opinion, which as measured by conducting a hundred interviews based on streets in Oban, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. The thesis looks for the combination of different aspects of this political geography, with not only humans but also with the issues related to urbanization as well as regionalism.

Example Geography Dissertation Topic 7:

The changing nature of urban geography and governance - a study of Rio de Janeiro.

Topic Description :As per Dear & Dahmann (2008), the politics in urban culture are being reshaped with the help of post-modern urban geography. Rio de Janeiro is the perfect case study to test the consistency of this hypothesis. By understanding postmodern urbanization and applying it to Rio de Janeiro, this dissertation addresses mainly two issues. The first issue is to consider the cultural homogeneity building across the cities possessing the different multi-culture and economic socio basis. The second issue explores the extent of the designation of use of land for building an environment for a modern city that is able to address both the corporate aspect of political nature as well as the citizens’ public needs.

Example Geography Dissertation Topic 8:

Middlesbrough: Urban patterns of social and community cohesion.



Topic Description :Urban identity is put up on social as well as physical construction in a specific atmosphere. Determining success or failure in building a social consistency & community cohesion driven for a common aim. This thesis studies the case of Middlesbrough enjoying its city council with their citizen-making numerous unsuccessful attempt for attaining city status. However, this practice exhibits a higher level of consistency between different group of people including whites, East Asians, refugees as compared to other northern cities like Bradford & Manchester. The study investigates the dimensions of the urban geography and the community identity patterns living in Middlesbrough. This also looks for whether the aforesaid patterns are still the same or have outlived the traditional class barriers of the town.

Example Geography Dissertation Topic 9:

The desire for an amenable environment: The politics of 'neighbours from hell'.

Topic Description :The Social Exclusion Unit created by Tony Blair came into existence in July 2001. As per SEU, 2001, p 6; Tony Blair was the then prime minister who wanted to create a nation where 'no one is seriously disadvantaged by where they live'. Neighbour is the one who lies between two words i.e. the community and the individual. This thesis contextualizes modern geopolitical discourses in neighbourhood, renewal, analyzing the crucial role of a neighbourhood. Neighbourly fragility is the issue that is discussed as well as isolation (self-imposed) of the wealthy, the theological issues along with political issues that embody the beautiful concept of loving thy neighbour. Moreover, the thesis asks the level to which the ‘Big Society’ that is based on issues or problems of neighbourliness since the happening of the coalition. In the end, the study recommends the means through which medium to large organizations can negotiate on renewed leases in making the geopolitical issue up to date.

Example Geography Dissertation Topic 10:

Planting schemes within the urban landscape to improve security against terrorism

Topic Description :The bombing of 2001 at the World Trade Centre attracted the reaction of the world. The growing realization among the urban geographers and planners upon the growing issues of security as well as concerns related to the environment. Effective strategies for crime prevention with the help of environmental design at the National Capital of Urban Design and Security Plan, Washington DC, have illustrated graphically about placing of shrubbery masked bollards and maturing trees causing an effect being an architectural barrier for safety concerns also helps in revamping the scene of the urban street. A thesis is created upon the advances in North America along with the application of the lessons learnt in different segments like architecture, politics, and culture making it very important for London.

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