Harley Davidson Marketing Essay Case Study


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Harley Davidson Marketing Essay Case Study Introduction

SWOT analysis is a strategic plan that deals with shopping trends of customers, raw material price and competitions. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors and opportunities and threats are the external factors of any company and they cannot control these. PESTLE analysis is a tool used by marketers to deal with macro environmental factors.

Company name


Type of industry





$5.7 billion

Area served

100 countries

Number of stores

More than 1400 (dealership)


Viper Motorcycle Company, Triumph Bikes, Victory Motorcycles, Royal Enfield, Ducati, Kawasaki


Most popular brand of motorcycle with a popular brand heritage.

Target group






Harley Davidson Marketing Essay SWOT Analysis


  • Massive global impression- more than 1400 dealership
  • Loyalty and trust to consumer, high product image are their powerful marketing policy.
  • Providing services to their bike customers including parts, finance and accessories options.


  • Dependency on third parties for administrative work and operations.
  • In international countries they shared less market.
  • A decrease of 8% net income


  • Global and domestic growth can be raised by the home ministry with the exporting countries.


  • In the global market, local companies like Viper Motorcycle, Royal Enfield are raising competition.


As per the case study of Harley Davidson, they have one of the strongest brand images in the motorcycle retailing sector. Their customers are strongly connected with their brand image, financial strength and rich legacy. Their strong brand image and their loyalty to their customers are helping them to hold a great position in the market. With its diversified product range they are able to attract customers of various age groups. As per the case study of Harley Davidson they have more than a decade of experience that helps to be specialist in market. According to Kumar and Maqbool (2018), for healthy development and sustainability of an enterprise, strategic planning plays an important role.

Limited market reach and supply chain are stopping them from reaching more market section. As per the case study of Harley Davidson, their business is mainly generated in North America and they do not have significant business sales in other developing countries. Their limited supplies in other countries are affecting their business growth and they are facing lower financial growth, lower production. As opined by Rastogi et al. (2016), element analysis technique is used to identify the constituent critical elements.

As per the case study of Harley Davidson, variety of products and development of product are helping the company by giving them business opportunities in developing markets. Harley Davidson can produce lower CC, heavy weight bikes to attract their young customers easily. It is important to analyse business strategy in all dimensions (Aithal, 2017). They can establish business partnerships with other companies to get more growth in business. Women riders purchase 15000 motorbikes in a year. Harley Davidson can design their bike for women riders to increase their sell.

As per the case study of Harley Davidson, narrow marketing policy affects in this company business. Preference for other vehicle, competitive business policy of another company and emulation of products are the remarkable threats for Harley Davidson. Also Royal Enfield, Viper motorcycles are producing heavy weight motorcycles at low cost, giving a tough competition to Harley Davidson. According to taking an idea from the case study of Harley Davidson, they use internal combustion engine for their motorcycles that is not suitable for the environment.

Harley Davidson Marketing Essay PESTLE Analysis


  • Agreements of free trade
  • Expand support for e-commerce


  • Economic strength of developing markets
  • Economic and business growth of major developing countries
  • Steady credit accessibility in US by holding 55% market share


  • Women rider increasing interest in chopper bikes
  • Interest for Leisure motorcycle.


  • Additional safety technology like airbag clothing, communication between vehicle to vehicle can develop
  • Automated and intelligence technologies in motorcycles
  • Green technology ideas


  • Laws of Environment protection like Environment Protection Act 1970
  • Escape clauses in International patent laws


  • Environmental pollution created by automobile creates negative concern


As per the case study of Harley Davidson, they are benefited by free trade agreements that help them in global marketing. An external political factor threatens this company to produce cheaper quality of motorcycles but this are completely against the rule of Harley Davidson. E-commerce creates a great marketing opportunity for this company through online media. This political PESTLE analysis indicates that the external factors are given opportunity to Harley Davidson Company’s global growth. According to Křupka (2018), overall success and final outcome of an organisation depends on each process.

As per the case study of Harley Davidson, this company has a chance of expansion in developing countries that demands for chopper motorcycles. Steady credit accessibility threatens Harley Davidson by supporting their rival companies. Business strategies play an important role in economic policy. Launching chopper motorcycles with green technology company can grow business in other countries. External factors of economy show a significant opportunity for domestic and international markets.

Women riders are increasing their interest for chopper motorcycle. This gives an opportunity to Harley Davidson, to produce and improve their motorcycle features for women. Company can gain more public interest by adopting green technology and can perform better. Most of the chopper motorcycles produced by other companies, they do not have this green technologies. As per the case study of Harley Davidson, this green technology can be a threat for this company. As a result, this motorcycle brand need to develop safety features and also need to add automated and intelligence technologies. Impact safety features like airbag cloth, adaptive highlights and intelligence technology like anti lock, automatic clutch option can gain business growth. In other developing countries automated motorcycle can create huge marketing.

Harley Davidson Company can have new environment friendly features. For instance, they can attract people by adopting low carbon lifestyle in motorcycles, besides improving fuel efficiency. These two technologies can therefore, be an opportunity for Harley Davidson company to contribute towards carbon emission reduction. According to Kumar and Maqbool (2018), for healthy development of an enterprise, strategic planning plays an important role.

As per the case study of Harley Davidson, they can adopt environmentally friendly law for their business development. Some loophole in international patent law can be a threat for this company. The process of element analysis is therefore, useful to identify the constituent critical elements.

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