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Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 1:

A need for pre-emptive interventions: Dysfunctional body imaging and mental health in adolescent girls in Cyprus.

Topic Description: Cyprus is a land with high record of mental health problem especially in adolescent girls. The Island country also records of dysfunctional body imaging. Is there a relation between the two? What are the statistics and what are the measures taken so far to combat the menace? How far do we envision the future picture to be one of hope and cure? Researches only bring forth these data. The study is a unique one and interesting in the domain of mental health and social care. The topic is highly informative and reflective of a social phenomenon that is important from the perspective of mental health and wellbeing of a particular group in a region.

Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 2:

Care in the community 25 years on - A rejoinder.

Topic Description: Community health-care services have gained eminence over the past two decades. Endeavours have been to develop community based health care programs to combat the diseases and ailments that plague a particular community or a region. The community based interventions are developing in rapid pace in places like the U.S, U.K, and Australia. Developing world is also catching up with the notion and practice of community care. The research reviews what may become the scenario twenty- five years after. How far have we progressed and what more we need to do. Thorough analysis and in-depth study establishes and brings to light the trend that may be prevalent in the future.

Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 3:

Co-ordinating agencies in the community: A review of case studies.

Topic Description: A community develops out of the coordination and cohesion of many forces that act to synergise the different entities of the community. Since ages we have enjoyed the care of community and grew up in the same enjoying community care and protection. Little do we venture to find the cementing forces that bind the community. Some of the different bonding entities have changed over the years and taken newer forms, some remains same as before. The dissertation thoroughly explains and does research on those entities and the several forces that make the community function in a co-ordinate manner.

Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 4:

The death of volunteerism within social care: An unexpected impact of the CRB?

Topic Description: There has been a dearth in volunteerism and researches have proved that volunteerism is required to tide over the various social issues. It is not feasible for any government or community to take care of the various socio-economic factors where direct intervention by men is required. Example may be
given of the earth-quake and flood prone areas where devastation happens. Ready relief are required through the active participation of volunteers. But it has become mandatory in most of the countries to get the N.O. C from the Criminal Records Bureau. Does this induce a kind of apathy in the mind of volunteers who would have otherwise joined or is it very necessary to rather have the CRB in place? Our research and dissertation finds out.


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Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 5:

Children with disabilities: intervention strategies in cases of bullying.

Topic Description: Children with disabilities need special care to tide over the issues in life. They need to be taken care of as special children and better attention and amenities should be provided to them to tide over the daily chores and excel in their pursuit. However because of their disabilities or special abilities they become a centre of bully often by their peers or neighbours. The lesser developed the society, the more the impact of such demeaning behaviour is felt. What should be the intervention strategies in case of bullying of special children? How far will it be prudent to intervene? The research aims at giving the strategies of intervention in such cases.

Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 6:

Children of minority groups: investigating the impacts of ethnic and racial discrimination.

Topic Description: The impact of discrimination can have far reaching impact on the personality of an individual. The way children are looked upon and are brought up impacts their personality in the later life. Often it is seen that children of minority groups are looked down in the society and they develop a kind of social inhibition and antipathy which become detrimental for their overall growth and upbringing. It becomes a vicious cycle from where one is not able to break loose easily. Our research aims to investigate the impacts of such far impacting ethnic and racial discrimination. It is a study which is worth pursuing and an enabler in stopping the menace of ethnic and racial discrimination at a large way.

Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 7:

Division of the generations: the impact of technology in modern times.

Topic Description: Generation gaps have many things in them that are a bone of discontent. However the main reason for the baby-boomers and the generation millennial is the technology boom of the modern times. While the millennial citizens have been born with this technology boom and are pro- technology, the baby-boomers adjusts themselves somehow with the trend but find it difficult to adhere to the changes at times. Our research is a thorough probe in the ways these generation have separated in their ideas and opinion and mainly the bone of contentment- the technological upsurge. To catch pace with the modern generation and modern time one has to be technology savvy. But the way technology is changing and the rapid pace, with which we are moving from telephone to pager to mobile, is the trend setter among generations.

Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 8:

The Impact of the Lack of Treatment on children and Adolescents: Outlining the Strategies for Underdeveloped Societies

Topic Description: Society has to care for children and adolescents more as they are the future of the society. But in underdeveloped societies, these sectors are the most neglected. Caring for children and doing the right treatment for them needs to be addressed. However investing in the children is an investment for the future as no immediate effect is felt since they do not comprise the immediate bulk of citizens who will cast their vote in favour or non-favour of any government. As children have hardly their spokes-person, what is appropriate for them is also articulated by adults. Hence in underdeveloped societies where a lot needs to be achieved in terms of social and economic achievement, the plight of the children gets drowned. There should be outlined strategies to combat the lack of treatment of child and adolescent and these must be governed well. A well -researched study on the same is available.

Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 9:

Ethical Challenges Associated with Health and Social Care Discipline

Topic Description: Health issues and social care is a challenge for any society. There are some ethical issues always plaguing the society. These issues arise in the time of rehabilitating and treating those plagued by contaminating diseases. The ethical issues also arise when the question arise of rehabilitating the weaker section of the society or the social outcasts who are plagued by the diseases. The research delves deep into the problem areas associated with the ethical challenges of health and social care discipline. It brings out the in-depth analysis and answers the questions that traverse the mind of the reader exploring the challenges of social care discipline.

Example Health and Social Care Dissertation Topic 10:

Violent Treatment of Children with Hyperactivity Disorder: Causes and Consequences

Topic Description: Some children will get hyper activity disorder. It is almost a common syndrome in all schools and colleges. As per researches five per cent of the total population of children are affected by hyper activity disorder. The need is to adjust the training and learning sessions to encompass these children and help them catch with their peers. However it is most disheartening to notice that most often they are mal-treated and receive violent treatment from their teachers or parents. These in turn ruin their self-esteem and make them prone to apprehension and timid. Sometimes it can make them more aggressive as well. In either case the outcome of such violent treatment is detrimental for their growth and also inhuman in short. The research deals with the details of the study.

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