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Students are always in search of health dissertation topics that not only appear interesting but have a valid scope in the healthcare industry. We agree to the fact that finding intriguing topics can be a little time consuming sometimes. That is why today we present the 10 best health dissertation ideas that will reflect your knowledge and talents precisely to your academic committee.

Example Health Dissertation Topic 1:

The fat tax: A discriminatory measure upon the vulnerable?

Topic Description :Obesity not only leads to problems like chronic diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes but according to the World Health Organization, it can lead to financial implications also. To encourage healthy eating and curb obesity ‘fat tax’ has been introduced in many countries including Japan, Denmark, Hungary, Mexico and the UK. But it has been observed that in many countries the ‘fat tax’ has failed to serve its intended purpose. In fact, it is affecting the social, economic and health conditions of people especially the poor community. This paper highlights key findings regarding the discriminatory fat tax and provides sustainable solutions such as bringing awareness among the people about physical activities, diet and health issues.


Example Health Dissertation Topic 2:

From the National Health Service to a health service for the nation: Can treatment abroad be justified?

Topic Description :The NHS of England is one of the best Healthcare systems in the world. It was initiated with the principle to provide complete health care services to well despite their ability to pay. However, as per the recent amendments to the regulations, the overseas visitors can no longer access free services. The study examines various advantages and disadvantages of this change. It further questions if it is only the recovery of costs being the main reason for such regulations as with such amendment the objective of providing comprehensive health services to all seems to be diminishing.


Example Health Dissertation Topic 3:

Role models to health problems: The problem of body image and the catwalk

Topic Description :For years the concept of an ideal body image has been in the debate then and there. Many researchers have found that women feel pressured to have the perfect body because of the zero-size models in the advertisements. The dissertation addresses this issue of the ideal body image in women especially teen girls as it not only impacts their physical health but also diminishes their self-confidence and moral if they fail to have the ideal body type. Girls of different age groups were interviewed and the responses were recorded and analysed. The dissertation further suggests how can we break the ice and rise above the cult of being skinny is the only way to get accepted in the society.


Example Health Dissertation Topic 4:

Awareness of Papillomavirus amongst Primary Healthcare Providers: A Survey of Nurses, Doctors and Supportive Staff in a Private Hospital in England

Topic Description :The role of health care providers can be crucial in spreading awareness about cervical cancer, the most common cause of cancer in females all over the world, and about the HPV vaccination. The study is conducted to determine the knowledge about HPV (Papillomavirus) among the healthcare providers. A survey was conducted in a private hospital in England with several nurses, staff members and doctors. The results obtained clearly suggested that education about the HPV vaccination is a must among the health practitioners as most of them would not familiar with it. Furthermore, it also suggests ways by which governments can spread awareness among the healthcare practitioners about Papillomavirus


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Example Health Dissertation Topic 5:

Benefits and Risk Associated with Healthcare Applications among Young Teens

Topic Description :With the increasing uses of Smartphones among the teenagers, the use of healthcare apps has also become a prevalent scenario among them. The objective of the study is to determine the associated advantages and risks of using such applications by the adolescents. Teenagers have distinct healthcare departments and these health applications often can be customized as per those requirements. To achieve the objective we have conducted reviews of already published literature in this field since 2003. Along with this we have reviewed several popular Healthcare applications among the teens and tried to identify their effectiveness. It has been found that many of them can be accepted as efficient as well as feasible but more detailed studies are required to provide strong evidence on that.

Example Health Dissertation Topic 6:

Eating With Friends: The Risk Factors Associated with Sharing Lunch among School Children in India

Topic Description :Food allergies can be serious at times and that is why many schools have started implementing food policies. With most of them banning foods containing nuts and eggs to be shared with other children inner class activity on students birthday. This paper reviews all the risk factors associated with sharing food with other children in the school. Based on a survey conducted at 10 Indian schools results show that students may have to face allergies and infections due to eating other student’s lunch. The paper shows how schools can tackle this problem by making strict policies about lunch sharing; involving parents and the staff members to ensure is a safe and healthy environment in the classrooms.

Example Health Dissertation Topic 7:

Estimation of the Environmental Determinant of Illness in Pakistan and Correction of Statistical Data on National Burden of Diseases Caused by Unhealthy Environment

Topic Description :A healthy environment is an important factor for preventing major diseases. It has been reported that a major reason for the global burden of diseases is the inappropriate living and working conditions of people. Inadequate water storage, change in behaviours, different lifestyles, improper sanitation conditions and even lack of awareness have to lead to an increase in diseases and illnesses in Pakistan. Whether it is Tuberculosis, obesity, diarrhoea or mental health issues the health situation of the country is facing a burden of disease (BoD). Based on the statistics of the national burden of diseases caused by unhealthy environment, this paper identifies the present environmental determinants of illness in Pakistan.

Example Health Dissertation Topic 8:

How is diabetes affecting the workplace?

Topic Description :Diabetes is one of the major public health challenges in today's world. While it is considered that a diabetic person can live their life to the fullest if they can manage diabetes well, but many people report that it is not that easy for them to accomplish the day-to-day activities with diabetes. Many of them have to make adjustments in the workplace. This dissertation involves surveying 45 such diabetic persons in the UK to determine how they manage their diabetes in the workplace. The paper further suggests several ways to accomplish this such as raising awareness at workplaces about diabetes, monitoring patients regularly, educating people about the disease and many more.

Example Health Dissertation Topic 9:

What do emergency care workers do to remain healthy?

Topic Description :Emergency care workers work for others day and night, providing quick services as nurses, helpers, lab technicians and waste handlers. Research conducted by the WHO already suggests that the job of a healthcare worker is not only stressful but susceptible to many health issues. They have a high workload and a significant burden of responsibility to maintain quality care and leadership. This study reviews 20 previously conducted research in the field and analyses how the emergency care workers health is getting affected by highlighting their main challenges. It also provides ways and strategies by which they can manage their health, stress and improve the working conditions.

Example Health Dissertation Topic 10:

Examine the effects of political systems on health policies

Topic Description :You may find several works of literature on the prevailing social inequalities in the healthcare policies but a little is known about the correlation between political ideologies and health. This is a study conducted to show how politics play a role in the functionality of the Healthcare systems of a country. It has been found that there are different health care policies adopted in different nations with the same traditions, population and geographical locations. There can be certain similarities between such two countries but no two healthcare systems are exactly similar. This can be because they have been created under the influence of the governing political parties of the country

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