HRM Dissertation Topics


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Example HRM Dissertation Topic 1:

The North-South divide: An analysis of the HR difficulties encountered by the BBC in its move to Salford

Topic Description : The BBC suggested a plan to move ahead into the north for the sake of redeveloping and renewing Salford was signaled as a revolutionary step inside the UK. MP Hazel Blears, on the other hand, shows it in from another perspective. She mentioned that a very few numbers of BBC employee accepted the fact that they are going to be transferred and moved, this is along that very small number of jobs have been made. When seeing the whole the portrait, there is a doubt that the Salford’s HR department of BBC has succeeded in taking its responsibility to create different varieties. All the philosophies of the HR contributed to the sake of this type of research from both qualitative and measurable areas, which doesn't only concern about the situation but also, taking into consideration individual point of view this is by following the technique of primary data and facts gathering.


Example HRM Dissertation Topic 2:

CRB checking and HRM: A mind-field of competing rights and priorities?

Topic Description :The initial purpose of checking the criminal archives was only planned to be used with people who had continuous contact with children with no supervision and old and weak people. From the point it was accepted and instituted, it became a global and general way in the process of employment as a mandatory requirement in all organizations. The purpose of this research was to conduct the worries from implementing the criminal files check method on over-all members of the society as a main step or inquiry to be accepted at any applied job. This check method was thought of as a restricting way for any member who has previous persuasions that stand in his way of applying for the job. This study is very important due to its modifying and adjusting significance, and above all, it is a collection of HR running theory, rules, and important traits of human rights.


Example HRM Dissertation Topic 3:

A review of the ethical and legal and dimensions surrounding diversity at work in the context of human resource management

Topic Description :The different community diversities are often reflected in the culture of the institutes within their communities. Due to this fact, with the increase in the capacity of a society to carry the diversity, there is hope that companies will adopt best practices and business ethics to mirror the increasing altitudes of acceptance. A long time ago, the United Kingdom has adopted an active regulation, to make sure that the place of work is highly tolerant to these diversities. On the other hand, the new theoretical investigations, such as those written by Beauchamp and Clermont indicate that the Workplace is now becoming more diversified itself. This theoretical study, which used the food-handling segment, investigates the altering behavior of variety in the workplace over the past 20 years. This assessment seeks to an extra evaluation of the compatibility of regulation with community expectations.


Example HRM Dissertation Topic 4:

An analysis of the use of rewards management as an incentive for the retention of staff within the higher education sector

Topic Description :A new approach in the field of improvement in the area of human resources, which is the compensation management and introducing of policies and plans which reward people in a fair way for the value they provide to the facility or society in which they work. With the higher education subdivision as a framework for this study, this research aimed to check the extent and the ability of the bonuses and to raise the morale and the maintenance duties of the staff. The performance of the staff was accessed by doing so, in order to check if the pecuniary payment was sufficiently enough for the employee to do their best.


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Example HRM Dissertation Topic 5:

A comparative study relating to the adoption of e-HRM process in gas and oil companies within Kuwait.

Topic Description :In 2010, there was an increase in the number of employers. Zafar at this time thought that this increase along with the increase in the number of staff and the lots of procedures regarding the human resources management means that there are effective policies for the management of the human resources of electronic commerce. This has become authoritative to overcome the huge tasks facing human resource management experts in the next era in order to meet the encounters of human resources. Due to the need to retain expert citizens in the gas and oil industry in Kuwait, this topic will implement the finding of Zafar, and thus not only study the existing human resources management practices but how can it be used and applied in a better way.

Example HRM Dissertation Topic 6:

A critical evaluation of the barriers to the successful implementation of a successful strategic HRD policy within organisations

Topic Description :It is a fact that the employee and staff are the most important value to any organization or institute. The awareness of this fact has led to the establishment of a set of literature that indicates a continuing need to assess and improve training and development chances available to people within companies. But, while the Department of Human Resources Development may provide a big plan to develop careers, yet there are still obstacles inside each in an institution in order to be able to implement it. It all focused on the money and time available to the departments of human resources (staff who participate in the programs offered). Also, there was the fear that better staffs are attracted to opponent institutes. Depending on combined theories, this thesis with interviews with all of the personnel management, human resources and senior managers within companies and staff to obtain a deep and realistic view of the obstacles that may stand in the face of carrying out an effective human resources program and strategy development.

Example HRM Dissertation Topic 7:

An investigation as to whether the ‘best fit' or ‘best practice' approach to HRM is more appropriate for multi-national corporations in order to improve employee satisfaction and organisational performance

Topic Description :Human resource management performances that affect the activity of a company on a large scale can fit into two different places: "Best appropriate" and "best performance". Within the academic content of the current human resources management, there is considerable argument about the most appropriate methods to fulfill the requirements of human resource management. Furthermore, the embracing of the management strategy for human resources is subjected to the objectives that the organization is trying to reach. With both General Motors and British Petroleum, this thesis focused on assessing human resources management methods used in both of the two companies and investigated the current strengths and flaws. Having it done posits a range of organizational endorsements as well as offering a number of reasoned remarks (based upon case studies) that can be used more when applied to multi-national corporations.

Example HRM Dissertation Topic 8:

Human resource management in the Iranian National Petrochemical Company: A case study focusing on the difficulties of skills shortages and personnel retention

Topic Description :In1964, the national Iranian Petrochemical Corporation was initiated. It is considered as the second main exporter and producer of petrochemicals in the Middle East. The organization and its affiliates are facing a number of problems concerning human resources that focus on holding of foreigner staff and the preparation of the native employee. Accordingly, this study focused on problems related to cultural differences, social and economic impacts on the foreign and local hire retaining rates. On the basis of the academic theory, a series of electronic mail-based interviews with the executives within the national Iranian Petrochemical Corporation was very important to this study.

Example HRM Dissertation Topic 9:

A critique of the advantages and disadvantages associated within the internal and external recruitment processes utilised by small and medium sized retail stores: A comparative case study

Topic Description :Small and medium British retail stores as examples with those from Brazilian counterpart comparison − this thesis is not only based on intrinsic differences between employment processes but compare between two trademarks of different size. This study was strengthened through the development of an international comparative section. The basis of the comparative study is the prosperity of existing academic research.

Example HRM Dissertation Topic 10:

Worker behaviour and engagement - lessons for HRM? A case study of five building sites within the north-west of England

Topic Description :The active participation of the workers in the promotion of safety in the workplace as well as to the increased commitment of workers and organizational performance is the main idea of this dissertation. Using the main and secondary data, this thesis recognizes the main points and themes relevant to the topic. Preliminary data will be collected through personal interviews. The secondary data will be collected through a comprehensive review of the present literature. This research was able to provide detailed recommendations for each of the individual construction sites visited during the research. Also, it offered references to the construction industry in the entire United Kingdom.

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