Hubspot Case Study


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Hubspot Case Study

Company Name


Type of Industry



Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States


US$513 million (2018)

Area Served


Number of Stores



Marketo, Infusionsoft, Act-On


Diversified product and service range

Target Group

Individuals and corporations




Hubspot Introduction

One of the most renowned developers and marketers of software products, the American Company, HubSpot, has been able to spread its business on a global basis. The Company aims at providing tools for purposes like social media marketing and content management along with web analytics and for search engine optimization (SEO). A SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the Company is essential to strengthen the HubSpot case study and to determine how the Company is operating within a given business environment adapting to different business challenges. It is in order to appraise the efficacy of the business position of HubSpot that the HubSpot case study has become an imperative.

Hubspot Swot Analysis

The HubSpot case study should has to be started with a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of HubSpot. This beginning is needed to make certain a logical flow in the HubSpot case study.


As the HubSpot case study reveals, the Company is infused with some specific strengths. For instance, it has got, as its strength, low cost competitive advantage that has been achieved through the process of providing user-friendly SEO options. It should also be noted that HubSpot’s strength is the Company’s inbound marketing strategy that has allowed HubSpot to dominate different markets in different countries across the globe. Moreover, the popularity and efficacy of HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) software is yet another strength of the Company. Besides, HubSpot’s ability to track the behavior of the targeted customer demography on their pages should also be considered a sustainable strength of HubSpot.  


Despite having strengths, HubSpot, as the HubSpot case study reveals, is ingrained with certain specific weaknesses. Lack of cost-effective service provision is a primary weakness of HubSpot. In this respect one should take into account the fact that HubSpot charges extra fees for providing customers with better expert help every time. Moreover, HubSpot’s inability to track return on investment (ROI) from its current strategies is yet another weakness of the Company. Apart from this, as the Company’s assets focus on only initial lead generation, the Company’s internal weakness becomes quite visible. Such weaknesses have hampered HubSpot’s business in the past and if not surpasses, such weaknesses will hinder its growth prospects in the future too.


There is a huge demand for online presence on the part of businesses worldwide. This rise in the demand offers opportunities to HubSpot to increase its client base in a thorough manner and on a global basis. Moreover, as more companies are starting to favor inbound marketing over outbound marketing, HubSpot, as the HubSpot case study reveals, has the opportunity to provide inbound services to more businesses. It should also be noted that HubSpot has the opportunity to dominate the lead-generation and analysis stage in the long-run owing to its present dominating status. Besides, the potential of penetrating into new markets in different countries also allows an opportunity to HubSpot to enhance its business globally and to grow exponentially.


HubSpot is faced with certain threats. The problem of managing a diversified customer base in itself is a challenge that poses serious threat to HubSpot’s business. Moreover, the volatile environment of marketing and technology also serves as a threat to HubSpot. Besides, the internet marketing industry is characterized by stiff competition and this characterization is also a threat to HubSpot. Also, those customers that prefer outbound over inbound marketing pose serious threat to the Company’s business.

Hubspot Pestel Analysis

To ensure that the completion of the HubSpot case study is done efficiently, it becomes essential to conduct a thorough analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments in which Marks and Spencer operates. Evaluation of the aforesaid factors against the backdrop of some precise environmental factors will provide a deeper insight into HubSpot’s global business position.

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Political Environment

Political environment, in which a business operates, plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of the concerned business. This holds true for HubSpot too. In this regard it should be noted that the stable political environment (characterized by a stable government) in the United States has provided growth opportunities to HubSpot. The HubSpot case study reveals that the growing degree of importance of the application and software sector in the United States has allowed HubSpot to expand its business effectively. Besides, lesser rate of corruption in the technology sector of the United States has also allowed HubSpot to capitalize on the growth potentials.

Economic Environment

Economic environment plays a huge role in determining the fate of a business in the internet marketing and software and application development sectors. In this regard it should be taken into account that certain economic advantages of running business in the United States have added to the growth prospects of HubSpot in a thorough manner. For instance, moderate government interference in the free market and related technology in the United States has allowed HubSpot to sustain its revenue earning process in a stable manner. Besides, the stability of the United States dollar has also provided scopes to HubSpot to carry on with its business smoothly on a global basis.

Social/Socio-Cultural Environment

To appeal to the emotions of the majority of stakeholders, it becomes necessary for HubSpot to emerge as a socially responsible business. The socio-cultural environment is highly impacted by the approach of a business and vice versa. Owing to this fact, HubSpot has rendered efforts to sustain its reputation as a socially responsible Company. HubSpot’s services and businesses are eco-friendly and are geared towards ensuring a greener economy in the United States, Ireland and Australia in specific (CSRHUB, 2019). Such initiations have provided HubSpot with the opportunity to establish itself as a socially responsible business in majority of countries of operation.

Technological Environment

The advanced technological environment of the United States has allowed HubSpot to grow its business in a thorough and effective manner. Moreover, as the rate of technological diffusion is comparatively low in the United States, HubSpot has been able to capitalize on the trends to ensure better business and responsive services.

Legal Environment

It is very much essential for a business to adapt to the legal environment of the countries in which it is operating. HubSpot, as the HubSpot case study reveals, knows the importance of being compliant with laws, rules, and regulations. Owing to this understanding, HubSpot, till date, has been able to remain compliant with the anti-trust law in the application software industry in the United States. Moreover, the Company has upheld consumer protection acts and laws in a thorough manner in its countries of operation and this has added to the market reputation of HubSpot.

Environmental Factors

HubSpot, till date, has been able to keep up the reputation of being an environment-friendly business entity. The very nature of its business has allowed the Company to emerge as a business entity eyeing at promoting a greener economy and a sustainable environment.


The HubSpot case study has revealed that the Company has been able to establish its market reputation through investing in social, legal, and environment needs. Both the SWOT and PESTLE analyses suggested the fact that Marks and Spencer is continuing to emerge as a leader within its industry, promoting itself as a customer-oriented, environmental-friendly, and energy-efficient business entity.


CSRHUB (2019). HubSpot Inc CSR/ ESG Ranking. Retrieved August 11, 2019, from

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