International Political Economy Dissertation Topics


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International political Economy is considered as an interdisciplinary academic discipline, which evaluates the international and economy relations. IPE is mainly associated with international business, macroeconomics, development economics and international development. In order to prepare a dissertation on IPE, five chapters need to be followed thoroughly. These five chapters include introduction, where actual problem is discussed, along with the establishment of aims and objectives. This is then followed by literature review, where journals, books, related to IPE are referred to, and in the methodology chapter, appropriate tools and techniques are used to carry forward the study. Finally, conclusion and recommendation are provided to complete the dissertation effectively.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 1:

The 'market-authority' nexus: A contemporary case study and discussion

Topic Description: The rise of the Market-authority nexus is viewed in challenging the authority of states as well as discusses the development of the newfound wealth. International political economy dissertation topics help to explore different international political economy thesis. These political economy dissertation topics mostly prepare the students to be universal students and leads to the civil society. It prepares the students to get prepared for resolving challenges and problems to gain both depth and breadth of understanding. While the expansion in relation with the market follows, the primary crisis was in some spontaneous reaction of the economic hardship.
A crucial gap has been created by the state of market and the power in the terms of supranationalism and universal reach. Therefore evaluating an emerging issue within the political economic field, the dissertation involves various theories related to international political economy program with an appropriate political disclosure and has potential to provide both secondary and primary sources to apply both secondary and primary source material.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 2:

A review of the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the American subprime crisis using IPE

Topic Description: The 1997 Asian financial crisis is considered as the third International financial crisis in the emerging history. The initial sign of the financial crisis was the proper declaration developed by the real estate developer in the year 1997. The dissertation evaluates the Asian financial crisis of the year 1997 as well as the international political and economy model to the American subprime crisis along with the universal impacts. International political economy Dissertation Ideas provides the students with a huge exposure of the fundamental ideas in the particular of economy. If a dissertation is made on this topic, then it is expected to overcome or understand the current universal finance without analysing that the state of the individuals is powerless. It also suggests that through the development of the worldwide political authority key players perform universally.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 3:

Whither now nationhood within the European Union?

Topic Description: As per the official narratives, the European Union seeks to develop a huge sense of European citizenship and entity above the stage of the nation state while collaborating with the national and regional culture along with the identities. The dissertation will be exploring the basic evaluation of the current writing on the basic concept of the European citizenship. In order to analyse the current financial problems, the dissertation questions will be applied as deciders of fiscal policy. This dissertation on this topic can be made analysing secondary data from recently published articles and journals.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 4:

World politics portrayals in popular film: Separating myth from reality

Topic Description: In the advanced period, the portrayals of politics develop the influence of the rational scientific views of the entire world. International political economy Dissertation Titles will give the best opportunity to the students to gain good marks with a proper view of maximising the potentiality of the grade. Therefore, the term myth has more and more stories, out of which maximum are false. The Mythic storytellers have predicted that the reality is said to be too complex by the proper means by one particular method of analysis. Here the dissertation believes to include various examples of the similar stories from the other culture. The dissertation will highlight that the culture of popular film also represents the possibility of politics, which are removed, from the experiences and concerns of the ordinary individuals.


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Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 5:

Implications for rural women of the World Bank’s market-assisted model for land reform: A South African case study.’

Topic Description: The world economy has a huge experience on the new wave expansion, the advance agenda of having no boundaries. In America, the election of the government has been committed to the neoliberal framework, which was enough to safeguard basic interest of the advance power block from the structural adjustment policies. Therefore, the dissertation will first include the first strategic area, which develops isolation of state agencies from the democratic foundations that are liable for the further implementation of the economic policy. The dissertation will be discussing about the Agrarian model of the World Bank, which implements the incentive of land lease.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 6:

Banking Crisis: A Case Study of the Dabhol Power Company

Topic Description: The event are linked with the Enron which develops the Dabhol project which view to gain a proper understanding of the corporate culture as well as the management policies of the stakeholders. The dissertation discusses about the respect of human rights along with the financial issue in relation with the business conduct. These incidents further led to certain situation where the political parties have applied the Enron as a basic issue as well as forced Enron to reconstruct the project. The dissertation narrates the business and the political conditions in which US have designed the Dabhol project.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 7:

Political Economy of Aid and Consequences for Poverty Reduction

Topic Description: Poverty is said to be a dynamic and multidimensional concept. It has a multiple cause that exhibits social, economic and political characteristics. Moreover, the reduction policies also require the multidimensional strategies and approaches. The agricultural sector does not have the capability of supporting the rural population in the state of technology. The dissertation will mainly discuss about the features of the distribution and production of output, which generate the systemic tendency for the elasticity of the poverty. The dissertation will also focus on the central challenge of the poverty and growth reduction in the productivity.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 8:

Avoiding Turmoil: A Comparative Exploration of the ‘Resource Curse'

Topic Description: The consequences of volatility of oil are especially visible, as the universal industry. The harsh consequences of the low oil price increase by the wealth fund. The reliance on developing the educated workers and the technology emerges the vital characteristics of the oil industry. Therefore, the oil industry is said to be unique of the importance on the universal scale. The dissertation will discuss about the relationship between the political regime and the civil society. It will also highlight about the three major theories, which are proven influential to navigate the failure and success into economic and political development.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 9:

Compatibility Between Business and the Environment: Examples from a case study of Patagonia

Topic Description: There is a developing recognition in the community of business and in the society where the environmental crisis believes that the company are liable to develop the issues involved in the practices. Therefore, the recognition takes place due to the awareness in the environmental issues as well as certain change in the expectation of the business. The dissertation will be discussing about the global impacts and the vital effect on the environment and society. It will also discuss about the sustainability and compatibility by applying the case study of Patagonia.

Example International Political Economy Dissertation Topic 10:

China to the Rescue? The Implications of China’s Engagement with Resource-Rich Countries

Topic Description: The Chinese economic reforms starts in the year 1979,as China is now capable to exert influence through a numerous number of economic and political channels, which involves unconditional trade to develop the diplomatic relationship, as the emerging international superpower is also applying the foreign aid as a basic strategic goals in the emerging areas. The dissertation will further discuss to provide an American relationship, which will be introducing the China’s international relations, in relation with trade and aid. It will also highlight some general aspects, which will be applied by the acknowledging the hypothesis of the long-term implication.

Therefore, the dissertation of IPE program promotes an appreciation and interdisciplinary understanding of the universal problems. The main motive of International Political Economy Program is to prepare the students to become a global citizen as well as the future leaders in public services, business as well as civil society. While carrying out a dissertation on IPE, one needs to follow the five chapters, through which they can acquire required data. If students opt for this dissertation writing service, they are sure to gain both knowledge and grades. The experts who are involved with our dissertation services are well experienced in writing standard dissertations which will be very effective for the students to gain a representative marks in their university. We provide 100% authentic and plagiarism free work. Our dissertations will help the students to gain more knowledge and authentic data for their topics.

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