Linguistics Dissertation Topics


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Having trouble choosing a linguistics dissertation title? Our linguistics experts can help you out! Linguistics is often considered as a diverse and complex subject that involves a keen study of phonetics, structure, semantics and history of various languages. In order to write an impressive dissertation, you should be able to analyze and draw strong conclusions on several areas of linguistics so as to prove your knowledge and competency in the discipline. Here are 10 linguistics dissertation topics that relate to some intriguing areas of study of the subject.

Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 1:

The sensitivity of the distinction between English restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses for Chinese L2 learners

Topic Description :Nowadays learning a second language has become a common scenario among people as it opens up a variety of opportunities for them in terms of career, education and travel. This paper performs a contrastive analysis of English restrictive and non-restrictive relative clause formation strategies for Chinese L2 learners. A group of 100 Chinese L2 learners were given tasks such as grammar tests, multiple choice questions and compositions to study the sensitivity of distinction between the restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses. The subsequent errors were found and implications of teaching English as a second language were put forward through this paper.


Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 2:

An assessment of standardized and spontaneous language measures in late talkers

Topic Description :Clinicians and researchers are always in search of measures for the late talkers. There are two classes of procedures that are generally used a by them - standardized tests and unplanned speech measures. These procedures not only help the researchers and doctors in diagnosing and assessing but also in investigating the identification of late talking among children. This paper analyses the efficiency of these two measures by examining children from the age group of 2 to 5 years. It was found that these measures are significantly correlated and tap the same underlying linguistic abilities in children. Further recommendations in the measures and scope of future research are also discussed in the end.


Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 3:

The perception of phonological variation in the York vowel system

Topic Description :The English spoken in the New York is a regional dialect of American English which is widely known for its pronunciation system. In this dissertation, a group of 112 speakers in the New York City were interviewed and phonetically analysed to determine the variations from the American English. Based on the analysis, several constraints on the phonological change in the New York English such as structural boundaries are also discussed in this paper. The differences among the New York City, the tri-state area and the North American English pronunciation are identified.


Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 4:

Gender in the community of practice 'University Caving Club': Phonological variation

Topic Description :London is a city where students from diverse cultural, social and geographic backgrounds come to study. This dissertation examines the phonological differences in English spoken by the teenagers of British origin who are studying in London. It analyses the use of (ing) variable and (n) among the boys and girls to identify if there are any gender differences in the use of these. The study is based on a speech sessions conducted at the University of London to test the hypothesis that boys may use the variant [n] more than the girls and the usage of (ing) variables may differ according to the speech styles of a person.


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Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 5:

The inter-relation between Cornish identity and Cornish dialect: A case study of two Cornish octogenarians and two Cornish twenty-year-olds

Topic Description :Anglo-Cornish declined during the late 18th century due to the gaining popularity of the English language in Cornwall until 1904, when the book ‘Handbook of the Cornish Language’ was published. Today, it is restored as a contemporary language but it is seen that most of the speakers are enthusiasts who learn it on their own. This paper is an investigative analysis of how the use of Cornish dialect reflects into the identity of the Cornish people and how much they are affected by the English language influences. The case study was prepared by interviewing two Cornish octogenarians and two 20 years-olds in order to understand the impact of language all over the society.

Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 6:

The use of metaphor as a motivator for change: Differences in Obama's rhetoric between the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections

Topic Description :Barack Obama is known for his persuasive speeches like “Yes We Can” and “A More Perfect Union”. His speeches are not only impressive and innovative but they also have been able to shape people's opinions to a great extent. This paper provides with a descriptive analysis of Obama's rhetoric between 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections since both the campaigns were completely on different landscapes. The analysis is based on the aspects of personalized political communication and the usage of digital media as a medium of communication during that time. It thus identifies how Obama’s organizations have been more innovative than the opponents during 2008 and 2012 elections.

Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 7:

Changing linguistics and dialectic tones: A comparative case study

Topic Description :Living languages are never constant. They may vary from place to place or from one social group to another. This is a study conducted on language variation on the basis of geographical variations, social differences and contextual variations by comparing five widely spoken languages in the world. Literature and research papers on linguistics have been studied to understand different kinds of changes in languages such as a change in vocabulary, grammar and sounds and it is further reviewed how such changes can directly affect the society.

Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 8:

A Case Study of Language Planning in Jordan

Topic Description :This case study explores the language planning policies in Jordan. It highlights the attitude of the language-users towards the use of English and Arabic. Firstly, the activities carried out in terms of language planning are identified. Then, the attitudes of users are examined. The sample of the case study was collected by surveying 350 students from the Jordanian universities. The results show that Jordanians consider English as a crucial language that can unlock opportunities in business, education and travel for them, but on the same side, they do not negate the usage of Arabic language in regular communication media or education as it is considered as a language of the Islam and its civilization.

Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 9:

A Sociophonetic Investigation of Unstressed Vowel Raising in the Spanish of a Rural Mexican Community

Topic Description :The objective of the study is to investigate about the variable vowel raising in Spanish spoken in rural Mexican communities. This involved the mid vowels /e, o/ as [e, i] or [o, u] in their unstressed port-tonic positions. This is a sociophonetic study conducted using acoustic information of the unstressed mid vowels from natural features of around 40 participants from the rural Mexico areas. The paper discusses how the linguistic variation can be related with social factors. In other words, how variation in the phonetic realizations of a language can contribute to forming the social identity of a community.

Example Linguistics Dissertation Topic 10:

Agreement on the Left Edge: The syntax of dislocation in Spanish

Topic Description :‘Left-dislocation and ‘Topicalization’ are English language constructs that are often used to refer similar Topicalization in Spanish. This dissertation investigates the causes of left edge in Spanish syntax namely the positional effects of the left edge elements and constituent dislocation. On analyzing the structure of the Spanish language it has been found that actually, the Spanish left-dislocation varies than that in English in terms of syntax, pragmatics as well as phonetics. Finally, it is revealed that there is no Topicalization in Spanish but only three types of Left-dislocations.

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