Management Dissertation Topics


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Management Dissertation Example 1:

- A comparison of the efficacy of customer loyalty programmes: The Tesco Clubcard and the Waterstones Card

Management Dissertation Topics Description: Tescos and Waterstones occupy premium spots as the leaders in the UK hypermarket and the high street buying segments. Both these stores present to you a customer loyalty card. The dissertation tries to distinguish and present distinctions of the loyalty program that is presented by the respective organizations through well-researched theories based on consumer’s preference and arrangements. This will help in assessing and making propositions for the continuity of their present on-going accomplishments. To give the theory present in the essay a more factual point of view, we have included evidence through one-to-one interactions with customers, staff, and loyalty card managers.


Management Dissertation Example 2:

Entrepreneurial management in family-owned businesses: An examination of strategies in Northern India

Management Dissertation Topics Description : In North India, family-run businesses remain a major part of the business environment. The dissertation concerns itself with the orthodox culture such organisations and the new management strategies they are embracing to sustain themselves in a highly competitive market sector. The study is all-inclusive of a concise literature review that explains the traditional perception of business owned by families, a preliminary examination of three such companies based in Northern India, and conducts in-depth interviews of people who favour new strategies and innovation to help their organizations grow.


Management Dissertation Example 3:

Harnessing the entrepreneur in middle management - a story of employee retention

Management Dissertation Topics Description : It is observed that usually, a predicament awaits in a business with respect to accommodating middle managers. The dissertation highlights two popular departmental stores Jarrolds and Fenwicks that are based in Norwich and Newcastle respectively and the challenges that beset a medium-sized organization in embracing middle management. This also entails the tough objective of giving them a room for improvement to further up their career in the existing profile while making these managers incognito for job headhunters who wish to hire them. All these issues are covered up through theories that are facilitated by HR and business management alike. The dissertation encompasses a rare observation into the life and times of the two well-known regional departmental stores. By encircling primary and secondary research, it provides a variety of recommendations that could be implemented to similar sectors established across the country.


Management Dissertation Example 4:

Organisational behaviour in mining management in South Africa: 2000-2010

Management Dissertation Topics Description : From the time the apartheid movement has decimated, mining companies continue to be the lifeline of the South African economy. Despite being a valuable player in the economy, scarce theories are being documented about the practices that are involved in managing the industry, especially in terms of effectual organizational behaviour systems. The literature review has been directed specifically on what other countries have attained in the field of mining and how their policies and procedures can be applied to the mining management structures of South Africa. The thesis also brings to light the annoyance caused by introducing newer practices in one single mining company listed on the Junior Mining and Exploration. It estimates the measurement of the relative success through illustration of charts and indexing.


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Management Dissertation Example 5:

Promotion or flattery - the use of titles as rewards in a time of fiscal restraint

Management Dissertation Topics Description: The dissertation topic presented here inspects the trend of title inflation within the atmosphere of working-class hereby highlighting the disparity among the masses that wages are not sufficient for sustenance. The study will focus on three supermarkets based in the UK through strategic zonal examination. Throughout the examination, qualitative and quantifiable research will be implemented to provide an outline of transferable titles and provide an appropriate characterization of what a singular job profile means across the competing chains. The following interviews with staff, HR and the feedback from consumers, will be chronicled in the thesis to help understand perceptions of the value being attached to the titles given to a particular profile.

Management Dissertation Example 6:

Stakeholder involvement in the management of charitable institutions employing fewer than 100 staff

Management Dissertation Topics Description: A substantial amount of encouragement has been initiated by the Coalition Government to promote Big Society with respect to the involvement of charitable institutions. It should be noted that around 1,70,000 organizations make up the charity sector in the UK itself. The focus of this dissertation is to bring out the effects the charities shall have if potential stakeholders do widen the horizon of involvement in such a sector. As an illustration, representatives from beneficiary groups can be placed in the management team that runs a charity. The study will also help to assess whether this strategy indeed brings success or not. The downside of doing so could be the differences in the management team on how a charity should be run. This dissertation will also help in measuring the impact of having undertrained and lesser educated mortals in key positions on how charity fund gets disbursed. The dissertation presents a one-of-a-kind model that consists of two types of charity management: the one that has a significant stakeholder in the management, and the other where the management plays a lesser role in running the charity. Both these methods can then be analyzed through primary and secondary research.

Management Dissertation Example 7:

Models of management change in the ‘bed and breakfast' hospitality sector in the UK

Management Dissertation Topics Description : Defining the terms of ‘bed and breakfast’ sector in a country like the UK is contrasting as well as conflicting. The meaning and assumption of ‘B&B’ are different if you live in an upscale hospitality sector in a popular city, and are completely different if you choose to live with a family that has spare rooms and offers those for bed and boarding. Trying to negate this fascinating conflict, the dissertation primarily focuses on six bread-and-breakfast locations, wherein two are in Brighton, two in Keswick and the remaining in Uttoxeter. It should be noted that choosing these venues will not only help differentiate the different geographic locations but will also touch upon the various grades and strata of the hospitality sector itself. The factual recommendations presented in this dissertation can a great insight for small hospitality businesses within the UK. It could be a great promotional ploy that can be presented as what a bread-and-breakfast looks like in the UK in the advent of the Queen’s Jubilee.

Management Dissertation Example 8:

The head teacher who has not taught for a decade: Maintaining empathy and approachability in secondary school senior management

Management Dissertation Topics Description : The selection process of senior management within schools is contradictory. The thumb rule is; the person with more amount of years in teaching gets into the management whereas the one with the lesser amount of years continues to teach. This dissertation gives a glimpse of two secondary schools - one in Stoke on Trent, the other being in Sunderland. Through careful observation, it has been noted that through the last two decades the job of headmistress has evolved to a director's job with the second tier of deputy managers, and how the day-to-day operations are spent in miscellaneous activities rather than performing “in the trench” teaching in a class. The dissertation brings forth the question of whether it is appropriate to appoint new experts such as school managers rather than appointing a head teacher to run an institution. It also brings forward what will be the likely effects of such a move in such a profession that has been strictly orthodox and rather rarely welcoming the changes in the work environment.

Management Dissertation Example 9:

Customer relationship management systems in banking: A comparative case study of Leeds Building Society and Lloyds TSB

Management Dissertation Topics Description : The subject of the dissertation views two contrasting players that are well established on the UK streets. The dissertation looks at the regional building society called the Leeds building society and Lloyds TSB banking (presently owned by the state after it ran into trouble and requested the government to take over). Through meticulous qualitative research tools, dozens of interviews, and surveys, the dissertation will study the evolution of customer care and customer management that has brought about a change in the working mechanics of the UK high street banking sector. This comes in at a time when major banks are on a verge of closure and the ever-escalating need of internet banking. The internet banking systems offer a plethora of options that ensure that they have a large base of satisfied customers and constantly strive to adapt to the realities of the new form of banking.

Management Dissertation Example 10:

Sibling partnership: Strategies for managing different work patterns harmoniously

Management Dissertation Topics Description : Family relationships, especially sibling relationships, is a subject of fascination. It is so because sibling relationships can be arduous at times with a regular family structure set in the place. The stress can be further aggravated if the family owns a business. This leads to intense relationships that are not attuned to harmony. The dissertation gives a glimpse at sibling partnerships that have stood the test of time in industries such as manufacturing company, nursing home, and an estate agency. It helps to determine the factors that are involved in maintaining healthy business relationships without causing strain on the biological bonds that bind them together. The extensive literature review and primary research encompass the interviews that were undertaken with both siblings as well as with the employees who are employed by them.

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