Marketing Dissertation Topics


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Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 1:

Overcoming diversity: The marketing of New Orleans as a tourist destination after Hurricane Katrina - an investigation

Topic Description :The devastation that was brought forth because of Hurricane Katrina, was catastrophic. It caused huge economic losses to a bustling city like New Orleans that previously was considered a prime spot for tourism and was a convention destination. The devastation caused by the hurricane was such that over 100,000 were left unemployed. That added to the woes of the already escalating crime rate of New Orleans. Now, this further weakened the case of considering New Orleans as a safe city. Despite the drawbacks the hurricane has caused, the city has started to limp back to its former glory in terms of its economy and the tourism has seen a steep rise in an attempt to reclaim its former glory days like the ones the city had pre-Katrina event. The dissertation tries to examine the probity of such claims in terms of the city’s future.


Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 2:

Branding and consumer behaviour - A comparative analysis of Pepsi and Coke

Topic Description :With constant changes of choices in consumers, a separate investigation now popularly known as consumer behaviour analysis was devised during the early 1960’s. Keeping a keen watch on the consumer comportment, one out of two premier global cola giant manufacturer Pepsi, has efficiently evolved in a major brand by creative extensive range of promotional materials. The study case encompasses the different types of marketing campaigns that the company has undertaken. This also includes a range of consumer response that has helped identify the key note areas of strengths and weaknesses on their promotional activities. The dissertation also attempts to evaluate the pros of both the companies that are strictly through the interpretation of academic theories.


Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 3:

Repositioning fresh fruit sales within Tesco; A marketing approach

Topic Description :In an event to attract more customer to expand the business, Tesco has rolled out some major strategy to give its store a facelift. The case study in doing so gives us a glimpse explicitly into the essential business details and what are the various approaches that are been espoused by Tesco from two of its major peer competitors; Sainsbury and ASDA. The major idea of investigating it is to understand the perceptual mapping being applied that attempts to visually display the viewpoint of existing customers and potential customers. This investigation also includes Ansoff’s matrix that gives a concise marketing model that which aids the business determine the growth strength of the product in the market. The dissertation strives to make a reliable contribution to the grasping of marketing strategies within the grocery sector. The dissertation does come inclusive assortment of interviews; be it with shoppers or managers. All these have culminated in getting a whole top line view of how Tesco should plan their next move to further up their trajectory in terms of its operation.


Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 4:

‘Feeding off low self-esteem to create a desire to purchase' - can this criticism of marketing as a business be critically sustained, particularly within an era of economic hardship: A literature based review.

Topic Description :The crux of making any marketing strategy successful is to devise a monovalent craving among the highly potential customers. The dissertation specifically and keenly follows the case of world involving devices market related to electronics as well as telecommunications. The case study closely tries to fathom as to how novel products like iPhones, X-boxes, and so on, generate a strong desire to substitute products that are effortlessly functional with the new, upgraded version. The dissertation opens a serious debate as to how marketing strategies conceive incorrect demands that thrive on low self-esteem owing to the lack of ownership of the product. The case study also beings in a range of marketing theories that are coupled with references aimed towards social exclusion. It also brings into the picture the moral consideration that are these marketing strategies right in times when it genuinely calls for economic soberness for many families across UK.


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Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 5:

The remarketing of personal debt as acceptable: A post 1980s phenomenon?

Topic Description :With cheaper lending rates being empowered to the people in the mind 1990’s, the phase of personal debts and the levels of bankruptcy is at an all-time high at present state. It can be strongly debated that this period laid the pathway of increased consumption with the floodgates of liberalisation of markets being opened in the era of Thatcher. Today's, generation is far more comfortable in living in debts and is considered socially acceptable than it was during the post war generation. The thought process of the current generation revolves around a simple principle that purchasing wants through a credit is the pathway to claim ownership on products that are otherwise “out of affordable standards”. Marketing gimmicks stems out from such thought process and jingles such as ‘Need not pay anything for an entire year as well as further take an additional four years in interest free credit’. The dissertation makes a strong attempt to enclose the ascent of this kind of marketing ruses and also gauges situations following their impact on the issues such acquisitiveness and the desire of ongoing wealth creation for more than two decades (last 25 years).

Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 6:

Developing new prices strategies for independent retailers in a period of fuel-based inflation.

Topic Description :Every time the fuel prices hike up, it has an adverse effect on the consumers. Right from the petrol stations to the goods to be purchased through transportation, all the prices get inflated. In such a situation where family tries to maintain sternness in their spending habits, stores are devising value for money strategies that make the storekeepers to tighten their small business further by reducing their profit margins. The thing to be noted is that store owners do purchase from sources that unfortunately do not benefit them due to large discounts that are been awarded to the larger competitors. The dissertation is an attempt to pursue and formulate by using references of DIY shops in the Gower Peninsula of Wales. It encourages people to pay more in order to target more of local goods. The dissertation can be considered as an attempt that can potentially save / protect the British high-street. This is also coupled with the fact that the case study does integrate various aspects of marketing to present day scenarios with a combination of social and political decision-making avenues.

Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 7:

Marketing the high street: A new challenge in British retailing?

Topic Description :The high and dry state of the British high street has now come in a full view thanks to the initiatives taken by the government. The change in the shopping trends due to the accessibility of Internet as well as the provisions of parking spaces made available at a shopping centre established outside the town, make most consumers rethink their shopping destinations. This has caused major hit in the British town centres where consumers visitation is scarce. This dissertation illustrates the Ludlow town located in Shropshire, and how the hands-on approach of the town council as well as shopkeepers has helped implementing the high street’s revival. It also tries to scrutinize whether the same model can be made applicable to the other British high street townships across UK. The case study combines economics. marketing, and politics that could also lead to a well-defined proposal and can culminate into a beneficial data source where a plethora of insights are hidden through the interviews of shopkeepers, customers, as well as marketing professionals.

Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 8:

Garra rufa fish: A problem of marketing after health scares?

Topic Description :Keeping in mind the current changing trends that captivate people’s imagination, a new alternative therapy swept across UK in the past two years. This resulted in a huge opening of ‘foot spas’ that offered treatment by ‘garra rufa’ fish. But the escalating popularity of these treatments has also bought in different types of health scares pertaining to the dead skins being produced and the transferring of diseases to other humans that have been strongly voiced by the media. Despite the growing popularity of the treatment by ‘garra rufa’ fish across the globe, the health scares in UK have impacted the business to quite an extent. Addressing these concerns, the dissertation puts a delicate attempt to provide advice for the owners of foot spas regarding how they need to re strategize their business activity for remarketing of their product. Taking into account the previous case studies about how one can overcome such obstacles, the dissertation makes an attempt to familiarize the owners with practical marketing strategy, coupled with generating awareness about business leanings within the alternative medicine sector and complementary therapy sector.

Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 9:

From failure to success; The changing marketisation of the Millennium Dome to the O2 arena: a lesson for 2012?

Topic Description :Since its inception, Millennium Dome, was a troubled venture. The concept was bought to reality by Peter Mandelson. The dome was eventually closed couple of months before after struggling for existence for a long period of time. The Dome was eventually repossessed and rebranded as the O2 arena. The ploy worked, and since then it has achieved a great success as being a premier in arts and music venue. The dissertation attempts to pick up the factors that caused the venue to fail while being Millennium Done and how it enjoys unprecedented success while now being christened O2 arena using the right marketing techniques. The case study also highlights the state’s inability in using the right set of marketing techniques for the Dome as well as the overall fate of similar state build arenas post the 2012 Olympics.

Example Marketing Dissertation Topic 10:

The reinvention of Brighton and Hove: From genteel seaside backwater to the ‘pink' resort of the south coast.

Topic Description :Brighton has always been a highly popular seaside tourist destination since the reign of Prince regent. Since then, the recent years have stripped this grubby and courteous façade to evolve into a trendy luxury resort that has now the inhabitation by gay and lesbian couple alike. The dissertation characterizes what makes Brighton so appealing as a popular destination in the modern day and does include a lot of qualitative research to help determine the main considerations that generates plenty of interest in tourists. It also attempts to flash light as to what additional implementation needs to be done with regards to marketing the place to make it the most sought-after resort amongst the seaside resorts in Great Britain.

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