Marvel Enterprises Media Essay Case Study


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Marvel Enterprises Media Essay Case Study Introduction

SWOT analysis lets the company identify their strengths that creates opportunities for them whereas identifying their weaknesses makes them identify their threats and to take necessary steps on that basis. Simultaneously, PESTLE analysis provides an overview of the entire industry where many factors are affecting the working environment of the company.

Company Name

Marvel Enterprises Media

Type of Industry



New York City, US


$400 million

Area served


Number of Stores

50 (in US)


Dark House Entertainment, Marvelous, DC Entertainment and Image Comics


It has more than 8000 characters that are featured in wide varieties of media

Target Group

Individual, regardless of any age


Videos, comics, movies, TV shows, games, toys, book specialty stores and retail outlets


Marvel Enterprises Media Essay SWOT Analysis


  • One of the most prominent characters-based entertainment companies
  • The company covers entertainment area for kids, teenagers as well as young adults
  • The company has various joint ventures to commercialize characters through movies, TV shows, interactive games and theme parks
  • This organization recently celebrated its 80th anniversary with a library of more than 8,000 characters ( 2019)


  • Products mostly limited to super heroes or action figures
  • Customer dissatisfaction regarding products purchase and after purchase experience on online platforms
  • Project management is focused on internal delivery rather than considering interests to the stakeholders


  • Growing market with evolving interest of the customers diversify the features based on consumer preferences
  • Reduced cost of marketing in international market has reduced the risk of market entry


  • Growing tension between US-China trade relation serves as increased costs in business
  • Its competitors are its biggest threats namely DC entertainment, Walt Disney Company, Acclaim Entertainment and Dark House Entertainment


The case study of Marvel Enterprises Media shows that evolution of the brand over the years. The company is basically a prominent character based entertainment company, focused to provide entertainment to different age groups ranging from kids, teenagers, and young adults. The case study of Marvel Enterprises Media highlighted that it is able to work in accordance with varying interest of audience of the growing market. The global market provides a vast access to consumers however; present growing tension between US and China has resulted into increase in tax to $75 billion on import goods (, 2019). Furthermore, the case study highlights that the company is mostly limited to action heroes where the characters are mostly male thus restricting their targeted consumer.

Over the years the company has come up with various ventures to enhance its market stake and revenues where the brand has come with varieties of theme parks, TV shows and movies that ensure its popularity among their followers and consumers estimating its worth to $400 million. The case Study of Marvel Enterprises Media has showcased that the company does have a wide range of loyal customers that is prominent through the revenues collected through the varieties of goods sold over on a yearly basis still is has been found that the customers are found complaining regarding the products and after purchase experience over online platforms. However, it has neither affected its popularity neither its demand but availability of cheap and replica product is a huge threat to services provided by Marvel (Belo et al. 2019). The case study of Marvel Enterprise Media further signifies that reduced cost of in International marketing has reduced the risk of exploring overseas market still the competitors like DC entertainment and Walt Disney plays a trivial role in affecting their global stature.

Marvel Enterprises Media Essay PESTLE Analysis


  • US-China trade relationship results in increased import taxes on US goods, affecting overall expense
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) protects employees against discrimination, harassment and unfair treatment


  • US media and entertainment presently the largest in the world comprising of $717billion
  • GDP growth of US presently accounts to 2.1% as compared to 3% in 2018


  • 55% of US households subscribe to online subscription for paid video streaming as compared to 48%
  • Almost 65% of adults living in the US affects the entertainment industry with their preferences (, 2019)


  • Voice technology is changing the entertainment industry with rise in this technology
  • Streaming has become an enormous competition in the entertainment industry as a substantial method with prediction of only 10% TV viewers by 2020 (, 2018)


  • Prevalence of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act regulates health conditions of employees who are associated with private organizations
  • Consumer-related affairs are regulated at both Federal and State levels under supervision of the US Department of Justice


  • The entertainment industry contributes in terms of carbon emission that are the result of travelling, onsite generators and production material deliveries
  • Production houses are coming up with more sustainable options


As per the case study of Marvel Enterprises Media, changing economic conditions and rise of different issues highlights ways by which the entertainment industry is changing in the US. According to Turner et al. (2016), emission carbon emission is a serious issue where the productions are also contributing hugely. However the production houses has come up much more sustainable substitutes to battle this issue like sustainable toilets and less wastage of water. Over the years, underlying conditions related to the entertainment industry has changed changing the way of viewership with prediction of only 10% TV viewership by 2020 (Belo et al. 2019). All over GDP growth of US is presently 2.1% that also includes $717 billion entertainment industry. At present, the global tension brewing between US and China is affecting the market with import taxes. The case study of Marvel Enterprises Media showcases that people are now more inclined towards voice technology giving rise to AI technology in the entertainment industry. It has been analyzed that consume-related affairs are dealt by Federal and State level under the supervision of US department of Justice. On the other hand, employees associated with this industry are also protected against discrimination and harassment. With all these, the case study of Marvel showcased how entertainment industry gets influenced by different factors and how it affects its working.

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