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In the world of technological advancement and innovation, media has played an important role so as to make ways of communication easy. Media dissertation topics are provided with a structured piece of writing considering the trends in media. These dissertations help in developing logical argument of the thesis. A general dissertation on this emerging trend is divided into chapter starting from a brief introduction, literature review of existing literatures. Next to this, there comes methodology which provides detailed information on type of research design, approach and philosophy used. Findings and interpretation of results justifies outcome of the thesis followed by conclusion and recommendations.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 1:

Is it true that journalists are using celebrities’ privacy for increasing readership?

Topic Description: Determination of the reality of whether journalists are making use of privacy of the celebrities for developing readership is one of the most common media dissertation topics. However, actual conclusion on this topic is left at the edge of question. Therefore, conduction of thesis on this topic can add value to the study of the researchers. For this dissertation, developing of two contrast hypothesis can be of great help as there are several studies which are for as well as against the topic. In addition to this, surveying the audiences that is quantitative data collection method can allow coming to an ultimate conclusion on the reality.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 2:

Discuss the major styles of reporting and responsibilities of a reporter

Topic Description: This media dissertation titles suggests that in order to cope with trending issues, there is requirement of efficient reporters who can cover every aspect of events with the help of their skills. It is furthermore, their responsibility to gather unbiased information. Keeping a balance in between the event and common people is also example of reporting style of a well-skilled reporter. For getting insights of major responsibilities and reporting style of a reporter, analysis of the data can include interviewing of managers of any journalism based organization. Besides, surveying the reporters directly can allow the researcher to gather real-time data on foremost and most essential responsibilities.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 3:

Is there any stringent approach and law to protect one’s private life from journalists?

Topic Description: People have quite a negative perception about media, and that is the reason students need to have media dissertation ideas. This is due to the reason that often political factors tend a journalist to expose reputation and fame of one. The dissertation that deals with identification of laws and stringent approach for protecting one’s own reputation can select collection of secondary data which in turn can allow determination of the fact. However, in context to this it can be said that several countries have adopted several laws which reveals boundary of journalism that is media. For example, UK Government has supported ethical media with the help of Self-regulation, Codes of Conduct, and support for rights and ethics.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 4:

Data Protection and Journalism. How does the Data Protection Act 1998 influence the issue of peoples’ privacy in journalism?

Topic Description: Media dissertation title of data protection in journalism has revealed that the Government of UK has complied with the standards of Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). Besides supporting use of secondary data, primary data can also be collected in this dissertation. These primary data can be gathered by interviewing managers of several media organization. Interviewed responses of the participants can moreover help in getting a perception of the real scenario where data collected by journalists need to be safe, protected and secure against any types of misuse or illegal practices.


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Example Media Dissertation Topic 5:

The UK currently has a privacy statute set out in the Human Rights Act 1998. However, does journalism operate in the public’s interest?

Topic Description: It has been observed that UK has recently set up a privacy statue in existing Human Rights Act 1998 so that rights of individuals are valued. In this context of media dissertation topic, it has been observed that journalism supports operating for interests of the public. The dissertation on this topic would moreover, allows the researcher to reveal ways with the help of which a journalist operates for maintaining level of interest of the viewers or public. For this, direct survey of some of the journalists can be done with the help of a structured set of questionnaire. By analyzing the gathered responses, the researcher can come to an ultimate conclusion.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 6:

Considering privacy in journalism, two major conducts are considered offensive – publication of private facts and intrusion. How can these conducts be regulated?

Topic Description: In media dissertation areas, intrusion and publishing of private and confidential information has been considered to be two major offensive conducts. As a result of this, there is a requirement of ways with the help of which these misconducts can be regulated. Furthermore, dissertation based on the topic can show detailed analysis of real-life case studies where these misconducts have already occurred. In recommendation section, it can further be mentioned that public disclosure is a true offence. This on the other hand reveals that there is a requirement of adopting strict laws and regulation which would support non-disclosure of private information.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 7:

Consumer boycotts and social networking: Are we making it too easy?

Topic Description: With technological advancements, the trend of social networking has become easy. As a result of this, there has been a massive increase in using of these platforms which has moreover, become one of the key areas of media dissertation. This in turn has also allowed consumers to boycott products which do not return any beneficial perceived value. The thesis on this topic can include development of hypothesis. Based on data gathered from surveying the consumers, complying with any one of the hypothesis can be supported. Selecting descriptive design for this research can be helpful so as to have in-depth information about the conducted survey. Additionally, this design supports collection of data in an unchanged environment to prevent manipulation of data.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 8:

What role does social networking play in mass communications?

Topic Description: Several studies on media dissertation areas have been conducted on determining the fact whether mass communication influences social networking and vice versa. However, for getting ideas about role of social networking in mass communication, there is requirement of getting detailed ideas on both these variables. In order to do so, dissertation based on this topic can include mixed methodology that is both qualitative as well as quantitative besides collection of secondary data. Using of this type of method can provide strength to the researcher so as to offset weakness of both these research. Along with this, unbiased interpretation of responses has been supported by this research method.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 9:

Traditional forms of communication Vs social networking: Which one is more persuasive?

Topic Description: For comparing persuasiveness of social networking and traditional form of networking, a researcher can conduct a survey for this media dissertation topic. In this survey, focus needs to be given more on collection of primary data. This can moreover, include conduction of survey for the consumers as well as interview process for managers of organizations making more use of social networking. On the contrast, there are several websites where effectiveness of both these types of networking is described. For this, use of secondary data can also be beneficial for the researcher to conclude more importance of social networking in today’s technological and innovative world.

Example Media Dissertation Topic 10:

Threats to national security, allowances of censorship, and the famous Spycatcher Case: Do English courts need to place a limit on legitimate whistleblowing?

Topic Description: With technological advancements, there has been sudden increase in cases of national security threats, spy catcher and allowance for censorship. In order to deal with this, media dissertation has focused on active participation of the English Court so that legitimate whistleblowing can be made limited. For this, a dissertation can be made where agreeing or disagreeing to the fact can be supported. Furthermore, in this thesis also, developing of two hypotheses can be helpful. Besides, method of data collection in this study can consider conduction of interview with some of the lawyers of the concerned court.

From the discussions made above, it can be concluded that these are some of the most trending topics of media based on which dissertation can be made. These dissertations would also include a reference list at the end of the study to give credits of authors whose works have been considered. Moreover, PhD writing experts in this dissertation writing services can help the students to select the best topic based on which well-structured writing is done. In order to find more dissertation topic on media, it is required by the researcher to connect with the experts as soon as possible. It is furthermore, guaranteed that this writing service would deliver 100% authentic data besides error free information. However, prices for availing this dissertation service are also highly-affordable.

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