Motorola Marketing Essay Case Study


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Motorola Marketing Essay Case Study Introduction

SWOT Analysis is an impactful business tool that helps to strategize for any startup or any existing company. Five features of SWOT analysis are, strength, weakness, opportunities, threats. The concept of PESTLE Analysis helps a company to make plans based on the macro-environmental factors. The factors are, political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental.

Company Name


Type of Industry

Electronics and Gadget Industry


Chicago, Illinois, USA


734 Crores USD

Area served


Number of Stores

More than 50 exclusive retail stores


Apple, Sony Mobile, Blackberry Limited


High quality of OS

Target Group

Developing and launching mobiles of latest technology


Mobiles, Laptops, Cordless Phones


Motorola Marketing Essay SWOT Analysis


  • Motorola has a diverse portfolio of products like cell phones, cordless phones and laptops
  • The company has a long-term relationship with the government that helps to flourish the business


  • Motorola focuses on Midwest region of USA that does not allow them to score required share of profit
  • The company possesses the habit of slow development in the up gradation of products.


  • Public demand for feature phones is continuously rising, depicting that brings flourish of business of Motorola
  • There are chances for Motorola to invest more on brand awareness with adoption of innovative sales techniques


  • Rise of health issues affects the business of Motorola
  • Growing number of rival companies like Apple, Oneplus, Blackberry Limited raises the competition in the market for the company


As per the case study of Motorola, it has been observed that this electronic and gadget industry produces varieties of devices like mobile phones of latest technologies, Laptops of upgraded operating system, cordless phones. The company is currently serving in more than 180 countries. Operating in several countries brings the opportunity of global advertising and high percentage of selling. Motorola is an example that having a continuous relationship with the federal government of USA would widen up chances of collaboration (, 2019). As per the case study of Motorola, it has been observed that the mobile company focused on the Midwest region of USA for selling products. The company was required to focus on the Silicon Valley region. Motorola also has the shortcomings of slow pace of upgradation which in turn, reduce percentage of profit as people have a tendency of shifting to upgraded products at a high speed.

As per the case studies of Motorola, it has been observed that an increasing number of public demands lead the company to manufacture growth of feature phones. The feature phone can be half of the total selling in the upcoming years. The mobile company can invest on brand awareness instead of general advertising. They can also adapt innovative sales techniques that can lead to the flourish of business. As per the case study of Motorola, it has been observed that the vibrations and high level of radiation create several health problems. People can’t afford the less usage of mobiles in the era of internet. Thus, they have started choosing other companies that lowers the selling percentage of the company (Gibbs, 2019). As per the case study of Motorola, varieties of products like Apple, Oneplus, Blackberry Limited, Redmi have started giving new unique upgraded features leading to the growth of competition for Motorola. The company therefore, requires new technologies to avoid threats from rival companies.

Motorola Marketing Essay PESTLE Analysis


  • Political instability of USA is decreasing the level of productivity of businesses associated with the electronic industry
  • Trade barriers can make an effect on import and export


  • Expected interest rate of 2.25% at the end of September 2019 can slow down business growth
  • Efficient financial markets is likely to foster business growth


  • Immense population helps in sales increasing percentage
  • Highly educated people gives the company the opportunity to incur high level of profit


  • Slow up gradation of technological development leads to the reduction in sales ratio
  • Brand new Android operating software and devices can bring reliability


  • Laws like data protection, intellectual property, health and safety are created for security purpose
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects rights of employees


  • High percentage of harmful radiation of mobile phones is increasing the level of global warming
  • Frequent changes in weather conditions are hampering finished products resulting reduction of profit percentage


As per the case study of Motorola, unstable situation is hampering sales percentage. Termination of an employee, high payment of tax imposed by the government can result in the deduction of the customers. According to the ideas of Khan et al. (2015), trade barriers imposed by the government obstruct in import and export that can hamper the relationship of the company with potential trade partners. As opined by Pawliczek et al. (2015), low rate of interests is not able to give the back up for the huge investments. As per the case study of Motorola, it has been observed that having efficient financial markets gives the company the opportunity of sufficient supplies of demands. The gadget industry can also raise its capital at fair prices. Huge population of USA brings the opportunity of high selling that leads to high amount of positive feedback. As per the case study of Motorola, it has been observed that higher education provide appropriate knowledge of products that can help the growth of the business and profit.

Having the habit of slow technological development is distracting the consumers of Motorola. The company is required to be updated on a daily basis about the upgraded technological devices that can help to sell the latest products to the buyers. Installing reliable and user-friendly software in mobiles and laptops can bring in varieties (Masih, 2019). The case study of Motorola revealed that intellectual property law, data protection law, health and safety law has been implemented for the security of the company. The employees cannot be deprived from equal treatment due to the imposition of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The case study of Motorola revealed that increased emission of radiation from mobiles is leading to global warming. The company is required to improve the device structures in order to avoid the damages in poor weather conditions.

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