Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topics


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The occupational therapy dissertation topics are the essential topics to highlight meaningful activities or occupations of the individuals, groups and/or communities. The occupational therapy is generally conducted by allied health professionals known as occupational therapists. The occupational therapy specifically addresses the mental health problems, and disabilities, as well as injuries, or impairments of the people. In this scenario, the occupational therapy dissertation topics are most useful in the life of the people to control health issues and save their life.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 1:

A study of the voluntary and working experiences undertaken by undergraduates of occupational therapy prior to their enrollment.

Topic Description: The main purpose of voluntary and working experiences undertaken by undergraduates of occupational therapy prior to their enrollment is providing benefits to the needy people of the society and employees working in any industry. This study is a good opportunity to conduct a research on undergraduates that are studying an occupational therapy course in first and second year. The voluntary and working experiences of undergraduates studying occupational therapy can help to identify their needs and expectations towards placements and career objectives in this field. This dissertation will help to assess the nature of the experiences of the undergraduates about the occupational therapy and the benefits they achieved within an amount of time. This dissertation would also identify the expectations of the undergraduates about the occupational therapy prior to their enrollment in this course.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 2:

A qualitative investigation into the barriers faced by the deaf and mute in finding meaningful employment within the retail sector.

Topic Description: It is necessary to find out qualitative results related to the barriers faced by deaf and mute in finding meaningful employment within the retail sector because of their rights to work and earn to survive in the society like other common people. Therefore, this is an interesting topic in the occupational therapy in which deaf and mute face barriers in finding meaningful employment within the retail sector. The interaction with the deaf and mute members/employees in customer care services of a retail company has provided experience to the researcher in conducting a dissertation. This dissertation is taken to address positive and negative experiences of deaf and mute members under occupational therapy. The personal barriers of the deaf and mute members that face difficulties to secure their employment within the retail sector will be analyzed in the dissertation.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 3:

An investigating the dominant factors that influence mature male students to decide upon a career in occupational therapy.

Topic Description: Dominant factors have great role to increase importance of occupational therapy in the life of the people. On this dissertation topic, the dominant factors would be identified that have the capability to influence mature male students to decide upon a career in occupational therapy. The students that decide upon a career in occupational therapy must be considered to find out the actual results. It is necessary to focus towards the students that will be mature or 25 years old during graduation in the university after enrollment in this course. This dissertation is a qualitative study in which, the participants would be interviewed that have actual reasons to select an occupational therapy course to make their career.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 4:

A generational investigation into perceptions of physical activity leisure time amongst Bangladeshi families in Luton.

Topic Description: Bangladeshi families in Luton relate to an ethnic minority population of Bengalis living for last several decades. This population is important to investigate their physical activity leisure time across three generations. In this dissertation, a qualitative study will be included to know their attitudes or perceptions about physical activity leisure time and its benefits. The interview will be conducted by providing education and they will be encouraged to talk and share their views. This dissertation topic has potential benefits to investigate in a wide profession about the community of Bangladeshi families in Luton.


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Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 5:

What are the effects of this therapy? Does it really work?

Topic Description: The effects of occupational therapy have a large effect on the people that can be seen as improvement of quality of life. In this occupational therapy dissertation, researcher will find out about the effect of emotionally supportive environment of the people to address their conditions of fears and anxieties. They are also supported to improve their behavior and cognitive strategies through occupational therapy study. The occupational therapy helps to identify any negative impacts when people face in their life and address effectively and efficiently. In this scenario, occupational therapy really works because of positive results when managing the symptoms by an occupational therapist.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 6:

Occupational therapy in school; how can students do this at school?

Topic Description: Occupational therapy belongs to a health profession. In this dissertation, school will be considered where students are assisted by therapists. It would recognize that how a therapist can educate and assists students engage in activities to make up daily life. This dissertation will explore the learning capability of the students and their participation in school activities. The factors that help the student in school to learn and use occupational therapy are the paying attention in class and concentrating on the task. Additionally, holding a pencil, and musical instrument, as well as behavior in class would also be considered in this dissertation.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 7:

Rehabilitation. Do you think that criminals can be rehabilitated through occupational therapy?

Topic Description: Occupational therapy is very effective in all fields of work. This dissertation will focus towards the necessity of rehabilitation of the criminals. There are many prisoners/criminals behind the bars, from young offenders to older people. They can get the benefits or not, this dissertation will explore about the truth after researching on the topic. This study will include different Acts about the occupational therapy for rehabilitation. There will be greater opportunity to find out the results through gathering information from local authorities and prison staff that work together. The social care requirements of the criminals would be highlighted by using occupational therapy needs in the dissertation.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 8:

Effects of Moderate Pressure Massage on Self-Regulation and Play in Preterm Babies.

Topic Description: The main purpose of this dissertation will be examining whether the mother-administered moderate pressure massage on self-regulation and play in preterm babies. The dissertation would consider how self-regulation can be improved through the effect of moderate pressure massage. The reasons would be considered in this dissertation that is self-regulated. The participants in the dissertation will be five preterm children. Their ranging would be from 12 to 18 months with corrected age, including their mothers. The participants will act on nonconcurrent multiple baselines. The data will be collected through taking interview on different topics.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 9:

Effect of Lighting on Performance of Tasks Requiring Near Vision in Older Adults.

Topic Description: Lighting has an important role to work and complete the task and increase performance. In order to perform a task in older age, more light is needed. However, occupational performance is affected by lighting that has grabbed a few attention in the occupational therapy. This dissertation will determine lighting effect on the ability of older adults who require near vision in order to perform their preferred occupational tasks. This dissertation will also identify the performing chosen occupational tasks of older adults through changing light levels near vision. The experimental design of this dissertation will be a quasi-experiment that is repeated measures design in order to collect a convenience sample. The retirement community would be recruited in this dissertation to get essential results.

Example Occupational Therapy Dissertation Topic 10:

Lived Experience of Adolescents with Chronic Pain: A Phenomenological Study.

Topic Description: This dissertation is based on a phenomenological study in which the understanding about lived experiences of adolescents would be accomplished who live with chronic pain. The personal environment occupation can be included in this phenomenological study to identify chronic pain of adolescents. In this dissertation, solution would also be suggested to address the problem of chronic pain of the adolescent with the help of an occupational therapist. The data would be collected in this phenomenological study between the ages of 13 and 17 that have lived experiences with chronic pain for last six months.

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