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There are different ethical theories for justifying or refuting any event or any social issue. As philosophy dissertation topics there are myriads of ethical theories that can be explained, discussed, evaluated and explored in a thorough manner to understand the whole stance of ethics in the context of determining what is right and what is wrong. It is in this context that the importance of the utilitarian theory of ethics deserves special mention. The utilitarian theory or the greatest good theory can be applied to almost every such event that needs to be evaluated in terms of outcome – either positive or negative.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 1:

Breaking free from the cave: Plato's relevance to contemporary views of body image.

Topic Description: A philosophy dissertation topic dealing about Plato is, to a large extent, prone towards the practice of including the cave incident in which Plato’s relevance to contemporary views of body image can be ascertained. As an allegory, the cave theory has always played a crucial role in understanding Greek philosophy of the masters in a precise way. The importance of the theory lies in the fact that untutored people, in the concerned theory, are equated to those who live in a dark cave where their lives are pathetically enchained by the curse of ignorance. The theory is all about appearance and reality.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 2:

The present global economic crisis: A new Kuhnian paradigm shift?

Topic Description: Any philosophy dissertation idea related to paradigm shift should be considered to have some relation with the Kuhnian theory. This is primarily because it was Kuhn who not only ushered the theory of paradigm shift into the realm of philosophy but also popularized the same in the context of scientific explanations of different philosophical claims and arguments. For more than almost fifty five years ago it was Thomas Kuhnn who, through the publication of a book, eventually altered and transformed the way people looked at philosophy behind science, and in the course of doing so, Kuhn ultimately introduced the much abused phrase, ‘paradigm shift’ in an explicit manner.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 3:

Malebranche, the simplicity of God, and the Catholic Church.

Topic Description: A philosophy dissertation topic related to Malebranche’s accomplishments is prone to include his view on the celestial and its relation with the mundane. As a philosopher Malebranche was hailed by most of his contemporaries like Pierre Bayle who considered Malebranche as the premier philosopher of the concerned age. Malebranche’s theory about simplicity of God and the Catholic Church should be considered as an outcome of his explicit exploration of different components of philosophy. He not only had major metaphysical works under his belt, but was also known for his works in the field of theology, ethics, and the law of motion and in the context of the nature of colour.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 4:

What is a person? How the 21st century is shaping a modern-day philosophical conundrum.

Topic Description: Any Philosophy dissertation topic dealing about the nature of a person has the chance to include the interpretation about how the 21st century is shaping a modern-day philosophical conundrum. The new philosophy of the 21st century is the one that is ingrained with possibilities of interpreting a person as a part of the universal social system in which he/she can play a crucial role in terms of adding meaning to the existence of the society itself. Modern philosophy has been changing, on a continuous basis, the image of a person, and that is one primary reason why the individual has now been projected in different ways under the light of the 21st century philosophy precisely.


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Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 5:

Discuss Phenomenological Critique of the Modern World.

Topic Description: The phenomenological critique of the modern world when becomes the title of a philosophy dissertation starts fuelling debates in a constant manner. The primary advantage for a researcher conducting research on the aforementioned topic is that, he/she should get a first-person point of view of the structures of consciousness. Such view point is necessary for critically evaluating and analysing the modern world. It should be noted that the intentionality of the experience in this regard is actually a process of directing someone toward something in the course of experiencing about some object/s. The phenomenological critique of the modern world has the potential to render an experience that has the power of getting directed toward an object by the dint of the virtue of the object’s content or meaning.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 6:

Negativity in Work of Martin Heidegger, 1919-1943

Topic Description: A philosophy dissertation title, “Negativity in work of Martin Heidegger,” is sure to include some interesting theoretical aspects that might be critically interpreted by the reader or by the scholar who is willing to explore Heidegger in a thorough manner. A researcher conducting research study on Heidegger must not jump into any conclusion prior to exploring the theories that the philosopher has offered to be explained and interpreted in the right way. The German philosopher, Martin Heidegger’s philosophy has significant association with phenomenology and existentialism, and such associations rendered specificity to the work of Heidegger in a thorough manner quite explicitly.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 7:

What is the Euclid's Fifth Postulate? Explain its significance in relation to the Nature of Geometrical Truth.

Topic Description: A philosophy dissertation topic on Euclid’s Fifth Postulate, at the initial stage, might seem a bit complicated by the target audience. But even though such dissertation may be ingrained with some complicated ideas and explanation; a reader is sure to find some close association between the Fifth Postulate and the nature of the geometrical truth in a thorough and explicit manner. But such understanding again calls for scholarship and a clear mind that can get transformed into a vehicle of transparent and logical critical analysis. But prior to critically analysing the Fifth Postulate, one must have some idea about Euclid geometry, to be specific.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 8:

Kant on the Human Animal: Anthropology, Ethics, Nature?

Topic Description: Coming across a philosophical dissertation title, “Kant on the Human Animal: Anthropology, Ethics, Nature?,” one has to be quite acquainted with Kant’s philosophy and his philosophical approaches. A dichotomy can be observed while analysing Kant’s theory of the human animal. There are paradoxes related to it, but the interest that a scholar might have in unearthing the meaning of the concerned paradoxes can eventually act as a motivator for a researcher. It can be quite interesting to note that for Kant every human being is a finite rational being having an animal nature. Drawing on such line of explanation Kant has strived for proving why it is not feasible for a human being to torture an animal.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 9:

Academics No Longer Think: How the Neoliberalization of Academia Leads to Thoughtlessness?

Topic Description: Neo-liberalization of academia may lead to thoughtlessness. This proposition if infused in a philosophy dissertation topic may give rise to controversies as well as support. If someone claims that neo-liberalization leads to thoughtlessness then it has to be admitted that academics no longer think. But as such conclusion is not always true or right, there are certain steps to be taken in order to explore the claim and refute the same in a thorough manner. Some research scholars are of the view that neo-liberalization of higher education eventually results in the academia becoming less and less a place of astonishment. Neo-liberalization for such scholars is only going to undermine self-cultivation and thinking and is going to put more emphasis on specialization and confinements.

Example Philosophy Dissertation Topic 10:

The Enchantment of Ethics: Empathy, Character, and the Art of Moral Living

Topic Description: The enchantment of ethics can be an interesting philosophy dissertation title. This should be claimed by citing the fact that any such dissertation is sure to include certain crucial aspects that need our own interpretation and such aspects may include empathy, character, and the art of moral living. A research scholar indulging herself in exploring the truths hidden behind the concerned dissertation title can reach a position wherefrom she can conclude that human beings are not autonomously individualistic rational deciders; rather human beings are ultra-social beings who are moral intuitionists. Such conclusion deserves special mention in the course of eventually discovering the enchantment of ethics.

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