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In the era of globalization where market economy is gradually becoming more inclined towards trade liberalization, it is becoming quite imperative for governments of countries across the globe to resort to the principles and structure of democracy. Hence, as politics dissertation topic, the inclination towards establishing a close association between capitalism and democracy should be given much importance. Democratic form of government is gradually emerging as the need of the hour in terms of enhancing the economic vigour of the nations. It is in this respect that the role of economy in transforming a government into a real democracy deserves special mention. The primary objective of the dissertation would be to find out the association between capitalism and democracy in the era of globalization and to determine whether or not capitalism contributes to the enhancement of a democratic governance structure in a developed or developing nation.

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 1:

A critical analysis of New Labour's ‘Third Way' on social policy

Topic Description: Since the inception of a constructive form of government and economy that contribute to the formation and enactment of social policies in a country, it has been seen that labour laws play a crucial role in determining the rate of success in establishing a sound market policy. Labour laws, hence have remained a significant political dissertation title. In this respect the emergence of the New Labour’s ‘Third Way’ definitely plays a significant role. The third way has been considered by the academicians and practitioners, both, as a means of encouraging the implementation of sound social policies that impact positively on the populace. It has been argued that the potential of the Third Way is indebted primarily to pragmatism and populism (the basis on which the edifice of the approach rests).

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 2:

Elected mayors: a reinvigoration of local government? A comparative study of Hartlepool and Middlesbrough

Topic Description: Quite often questions are asked in political dissertation topics about the feasibility of indulging in the practice of a political system in which mayors are elected. In this respect some scholars are of the view that elected mayors and the political system of such election are embodiments of reinvigoration of local government. But it has been often seen that not always such fact is practically proven. If politics is considered as a means of mediating the individual and collective conflicts then it is essential and quite imperative to focus mainly on reinvigorating the body-politics as politics should be considered too important to be left alone to a handful of politicians.

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 3:

Regional government for the north: A ‘post-recession' rejoinder

Topic Description: Recession in many ways impacts negatively on both the political and economic structure of a country. It is a fact that recession has the potential to disrupt the usual functioning of governments at almost every level. Recession has to be combated and for doing so different levels of government, and especially the regional government, should play vital roles. The establishment of a regional government in the north, though has been claimed by many to be a post-recession rejoinder; the comment and the claim has to be investigated through political dissertation ideas and evaluated as well as ascertained thoroughly in order to ensure that regional government’s power and potentials are not undermined.

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 4:

Only in foreign policy does the President enjoy primacy of action - a critical review

Topic Description: The role of a president is considered important in those forms of government in which the president is not merely the titular head. In countries like the United States the president plays some pivotal roles, but despite such role-play it has been claimed by many political thinker that only in foreign policy does the president enjoy primacy of action. Though such claims are emphasised in the course of generating politics dissertation ideas, rest on the pillars of some specific arguments, some other political thinkers have shown their inclination and willingness to refute the claim. According to such political thinkers and statesmen, the power of the president is equally important in all the aspects of the government.


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Example Politics Dissertation Topic 5:

The effect of Russia’s seizure of Crimea and aid to the rebel forces in Ukraine in its relation with the west.

Topic Description: In world politics Russia has always played a crucial and critical role. Not only in terms of wars or internal feuds, but also from the perspective of international relationships, the leadership in Russian politics has shown their willingness to leave their imprint on the systems and mechanisms of world politics. As politics dissertation title the event of Russia’s seizure of Crimea and its aid to the rebel forces in Ukraine deserves special mention as it has determined the actual character of Russia’s relationship with the west in an explicit manner. It has been seen that Russia’s support for the rebel forces in Ukraine has been an event that has not been appreciated much by the international political communities.

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 6:

Does the Chinese model of Capitalism challenge the Western view – “Capitalism and Democracy are two sides of the same coin”?

Topic Description: Among the myriads of politics dissertation topics the topic of evaluating and criticizing capitalism is an important one. Though majority of western nations have embraced the policy of adapting to democracy and capitalism simultaneously, countries like China that are still critical about democratic form of government are still sceptic about the actual function of democracy and its relationship to capitalism. From time immemorial China has tried to keep at bay the spread of capitalism within its socio-cultural, economic and political realm owing to its belief that capitalism and democracy are two sides of the same coin. And to some extent the assumption has been proved right.

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 7:

Why are countries like Iraq and Afghanistan punished while Russia and China are allowed to get away with infringements of the international law?

Topic Description: The biasness of international political organizations has often been identified in many forms. In this respect the inclination of the leading western nations (in the political realm) towards unduly punishing some Middle Eastern nations deserves special mention. One should strive for including in his/her politics dissertation topic of distribution of international power among the nations the fact that while countries like Russia and China are allowed to get away with infringements of the international law, countries like Iraq and Afghanistan are punished for doing the same. This disparity should be noted as an embodiment of the willingness of western powers to safeguard emerging and growing economies that benefit the western nations.

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 8:

Can media be held responsible for the change in politics? Discuss.

Topic Description: An important politics dissertation topic can be the role of media in changing the sphere of politics. This kind of dissertation topic should be considered dynamic and important owing to the fact that media has always been able to project thoroughly its power of influencing public opinion – a phenomenon that plays a crucial role in determining the structure of politics and the type of political leadership. Media has the potential either to uphold a party’s political approaches or to criticize a political party’s ideologies associated to its zeal of ushering some sort of reformation. This is one primary reason why many politicians prefer to keep distance from the media.

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 9:

Politics, media and the ways they affect public opinions and thoughts. Critical analysis.

Topic Description: A critical analysis of the claim that politics and media have the potential to affect public opinions and thoughts can be considered an important one in the context of selecting a politics dissertation title or topic. It must be taken into account that political parties have the power and mechanisms to sway public opinion and media has the means to help certain political parties to accomplish the said objective in a thorough manner and in an explicit way. As media has the potential to reach millions, a coalition between certain political parties and the media can eventually direct public opinion towards a wrong direction altogether.

Example Politics Dissertation Topic 10:

Linkage between media and democracy. Discuss.

Topic Description: A politics dissertation topic, “Linkage between media and democracy,” should be considered an important one owing to the fact that such an association often plays a vital role in shaping public policies and socio-economic endeavours. Globally, if surveyed, it can be observed that media always play an important role in either appraising a political regime or criticizing the same. As media has the power to reach millions without any hindrance in most of the democratic nations; it is quite easier for media to take a hold on the doings and functioning of political parties, including the ruling party in a particular country.

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