Psychology Dissertation Topics


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Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 1:

The role of play therapy for traumatised children: A study of its use in the NHS

Topic Description : The play therapy has a significant role in evaluating the needs of children traumatised, especially in cases of sexual assault. This study is focused on combining the theory of playing with the practice and is doing so through the observation of a series of sessions of play therapy conducted at the children's hospital, Manchester. After going through the theory along with the observations, the writer can make a series of well-founded evaluations with regard to the care quality provided. This study comprises a few ethical aspects and will require precisely detailed systematic guidelines to ensure the compliance of all terms of confidentiality of the patient information and data protection


Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 2:

An examination of examination-related anxiety in final year university students

Topic Description :This is a study, based on qualitative examination, which combines the theory and observation. 100 students (all from the field of social sciences) studying in the final year from four universities have been interviewed. The following was concluded from their responses: an assortment of reactions to problems related to anxiety and stress and how the students are bearing it. Then, the analysis of these reactions from an academic point of view. After that, the outcomes will provide a range of remedial and preventive actions that will be useful for students, and to the student support providing organisations across the country.


Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 3:

Cognitive processes in eating disorders

Topic Description :This thesis analysed the degree of suffering of those who have different eating disorders. They used study assemblies from different disorders as those with normal restrainers, extraordinary restrainers, other eating disorders as bulimics, and anorexics. They evaluated not only degree of suffering but also how they accommodate the difficulties they face. An example research study was used as a method to link and correlate different perspective that these patients face and compare it to any academic review present for the sake of accessing different issues of psychology that will differentiate eating disorders patients from each other.


Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 4:

The prevalence of body-image disturbances among middle-aged males

Topic Description :This dissertation is done through secondary research as well as the primary technique for collecting data via interviews. Interviews were done for a group of 30-year-old men; the purpose of the interviews was to evaluate the looking perspective of these middle-aged men on their body configuration & physical anxiety. The scrutiny of the responses gathered is done by multivariate & hierarchical regression analyzing the method to determine the extent of the spread of issues concerning body image and worries among men in middle age as they are part of young age group too. This study can also include comments with respect to the types of the female body and fears among similar age groups.


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Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 5:

The encoding of second language acquisition within the framework of long term memory: A study of upper primary students (Years Five and Six - KS2)

Topic Description :With the focus on the five years and the sixth year primary division, the study discussed here analyze the way these students have to adopt and require for learning a second language. In doing so, matters related to the dealing of restricted capacity in modern psychology was related to practical issues of education. This research does not depend only on the secondary investigations in the form of current academic review. It also focuses on primary research of compilation of data through interviewing different physicians, students in the fifth and sixth grades along with their parents to deliver a smooth outcome of the encoding process of the acquisition of the second language through a long period memory.

Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 6:

Indications of syllogistic reasoning among pre-adolescent children aged between 7 and 11 years

Topic Description :Shing et al, in 2010, have investigated the main differences and points of comparison in the Institute of the mental functions among teenagers and young aged children. There has been few conducting research on the period immediately prior to becoming a teenager. From this point, 100 children were used in order to conduct this research which was based on management tasks intended to highlight the logical thinking of these children. The thesis used a selection of techniques, including the twin procedure manipulation founded on the model of the mixed Rasch. This study aims to the better interpretation of the behavioural stimuli in the age group and will be of precise importance to teachers and instructors.

Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 7:

A meta-analysis of on-going psychological disturbance in automotive accident victims

Topic Description :This research study addressed a broader spectrum of victims suffering from accidents on the roads irrespective of their responsibility for the incident. A wide range of victims whether they were injured or not, were addressed in this study. The sample was withdrawn from different members of the society including all patients in the hospital and, those who replied to the questionnaire done for the members of the teaching staff, university students and management at the university. The thesis asses how much disturbed and psychological unbalanced the members of the study over a period of six months. Only a few samples about accident victims of accidents in the past two years were included. This eventually introduced some guidelines and recommendations in NHS provision for counselling advice needed by the victims.

Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 8:

The efficacy of online cognitive behaviour therapy in the NHS: A review of one county's application of the programme

Topic Description :Depression in the NHS costs continues to deteriorate, not only through the delivery of medicines but through the psychotherapy example to it such as CBT. One of the answers to reducing costs, in the long run, is through the CBT agendas over the Internet that can be for those involved in the access from their home computers. This study looks at the effectiveness of these programs, in relation to its presentation in a county. This thesis follows a review of the literature and, pursues a small sample of twenty patients to evaluate the observations of patients with regard to the value of these agenda for them.

Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 9:

Transgender issues: A study of adolescent coping mechanisms

Topic Description :Three main groups were created underneath each one was a ten members group. The first group consists of young men identified as females and the second group formed of young females identified as men, while the last group was of mixed females and males. The problems and concerns that were discussed were the susceptibilities to misuse and violence in their schools and their families. Support received from their friends and how the community reacted towards them was a point of discussion in this study. The objective of this research was is to identify current dealing mechanism used by young people that are transgendered, in order to formulate a series of healing and psychotherapy programs to be used by these youth during the period of weak emotional development in their schools and community.

Example Psychology Dissertation Topic 10:

A meta-analysis of the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy in depressed adolescents

Topic Description :In 2006, Olfson, Marcus, and Mattingley shared their fear of the increased danger of suicide using the serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) among young adults. The effectiveness of other treatment models and mostly the CBT as a substitute for Pharmaceutical interventions was the main point of discussion for this research study. Starting with a preliminary research in the form of individual interviews over three months with a small fifteen teenager sample, followed by a thorough interview with 2 CBT physicians, this research was based on. This study analyses the substitute techniques followed for treatment of depression as the main measure to follow to deal with the depression more strongly. The study emphasized that the fifteen teenager sample should include those who undergo different levels of depression.

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