Public Administration Dissertation Topics


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Public Administration is a subject that involves a complete understanding of the professional practices. It covers a wide range of topics such as non-profit organizations, public policies, health policies, peace policies, international affairs and public welfare. When it comes to public administration dissertation ideas, you should always select a niche through which you can present your knowledge about the subject as well as your analytical and problem-solving abilities. Here is a list of 10 exceptional public administration dissertation topics that can help you formulate your dissertation title.

Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 1:

Developing public engagement strategies with regards to parking management within urban centres

Topic Description :It is known that 80% of the world population today lives in urban areas making them gigantic hubs of goods and people. The local governments often have to face several challenges in issues related to vehicle parking since they have also increased significantly at the urban centres with the rise in population. This paper provides with suggestions on how we can engage the local public to tackle car parking issues efficiently. Based on a review of parking strategies of Auckland, Somerset and Romania, it is recommended that the leaders and local authorities should seek feedback, interests, needs and recommendations of the local people for such issues.


Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 2:

Increasing citizens' knowledge in the workings of local government through interactive web portals

Topic Description :The primary question of this dissertation is how citizens are benefited by the web portals of local governments. Today, governments can share a wide variety of information such as policies, cultural concerns or legal and environmental issues with the local people through e-portals. E-portals are indeed an easy way to propagate information in the masses. To identify the rich potential of informative government websites web portals of local governments of 5 UK cities were analysed. Around 50 local citizens of different age groups were asked to use the sites and share their experiences about the usability of the portals.


Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 3:

A review of the changing nature of central-local power relations 1950-1974

Topic Description :The time period between 1950 and 1970 was a period of control and direction in England as the local government at that time was no longer an individual body but an agent for the central government. This dissertation comments on the relationship between the central and local government from 1952 to1974. This time period experienced an economic crisis, geographical reforms as well as taxation changes which affected the central-local relationship to a great extent. Based on the historical analysis in ‘The Decline and fall of'
Local Democracy’ by Tony Travers and Lorena Esposito, the key issues in 1958 that led to such a situation has also been identified here.


Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 4:

Achieving Public Long-Term Care Insurance Through Social Security Wealth: Micro-simulation for the US Case

Topic Description :The Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) unlike the standard health insurance policies covers the cost of not only the diagnosis and treatment of a disease but also the cost of assistance required in daily life to the individuals of age above 65. Data suggest that the cost of LTC is much higher and this puts a major pressure on the taxpayers. This paper reviews the current situation of LTC insurance in the United States and proposes a better and different approach to the insurance. A micro-simulation of benefits and overheads has been conducted to identify how LTC insurance can serve economic to the senior citizens.


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Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 5:

Role of Information Technology in Policy Implementation of Maternal Health Benefits in India

Topic Description :This research highlights the hidden potential of communication technology for propagating awareness about the social policies in maternal healthcare. The paper addresses several challenges of implementation of awareness policies and suggests some concrete solutions by exploring how mobile phones can be used as a medium to bring awareness. Although using mobile phones can lead to public engagement and reduced learning costs the research also throws light upon the possible limitations of using mobile phones to spread the word. It suggests that if there are certain deficiencies in the policy itself then such implementation can fail.

Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 6:

Assessing the Role and Impact of Public Policy on Child and Family Violence

Topic Description :This paper studies how public policies can affect child and family violence. The paper reviews existing policies and tries to depict if there are any further recommendations that can help in controlling the domestic violence such as interventions in the family issues. The paper uses New Mexico as a reference case study to understand the potential factors that lead to child and family violence. The recommendations include improvements required in law, judiciary and medical responses in case of domestic violence, home visitation programs and enhancing the child-parent bonding.

Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 7:

The Effect of Collaboration on Performance in Public Management

Topic Description :The practitioners of government and academic experts suggest collaboration as a crucial factor for the better performance of public management. This dissertation inspects how collaboration can be a useful tool in solving complex public problems as well as a good solution to improve the performance of the government organizations that are solving those public challenges. It involves an empirical study of the phenomena of collaboration and uses a non-linear approach with mixed methods to study the three elements of collaboration- processes, outcomes and preconditions.

Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 8:

Pathways to Change: Explaining the Effectiveness in Community Based Development Organizations

Topic Description :Community-Based Development Organizations (CBDOs) across the United States have always been delivering community development services whether it is transportation, education, housing, childcare, food or job training. But can we use the same standards to measure the effectiveness of the CBDOs? This paper is an attempt to evaluate the CBDO effectiveness by using a two-way method. Firstly, it provides key findings of the surveys of CBDO leaders. Secondly, it uses the census data to indicate changes in the city level unoccupied housing. The study finds that there are several factors that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a CBDO such as governance, expenditure and political capacity.

Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 9:

Rule Bending and Red Tape: Organizational and Individual Influences and the Effect of Ethical Climate

Topic Description :This paper explores the components that influence the two major consequences of rules- rule bending and perception of Red Tape. Data for this report is collected by interviewing employees of local governments of Texas. The analysis revealed that rule bending and perception of Red Tape are results of organizational and individual influences. The analysis further shows that the minority status, ethical climate and bureaucratic structure of an organization are also responsible. The study is backed up by concrete pieces of evidence of how bureaucratic rules are affected by the environment in which they operate.

Example Public Administration Dissertation Topic 10:

Sustainable Public Administration: the Search for Intergenerational Fairness

Topic Description :This is a study conducted on considering sustainable public administration as equity. Intergenerational fairness concept can be applied to sustainability and on this ground, the paper attempts to find the factors that can act as the predictors of sustainability. To collect data and references we surveyed several art managers from various art organizations in the United Kingdom since they are considered as the sites of sustainable development. The analysis shows that institutional arrangements and sustainable thinking of the managers can result in long-term sustainability and their everyday decisions can greatly influence the idea of intergenerational equity.

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