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Having troubles in finding the best real estate dissertation topic? It is completely alright to think a little before choosing a topic since it is a crucial step of the dissertation writing process. The topic should not only be purposeful but an interesting one that helps you in exploring the new horizons of the real estate subject. Here, we present you 10 intelligible real estate dissertation ideas that will help you identify your area of interest. They range from investigative analysis of the policies and situations to the current trends of the real estate industry.

Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 1:

Real estate management in the corporate world - investigative analysis

Topic Description : A major concern of corporate real estate management (CREM) is the management of real property of organizations. This paper discusses the current trends in the CREM by examining the circumstances of various companies. It describes the current challenges faced by the real estate management in the corporate world and mainly focuses on how it may impact the corporate strategy of an organization. It is found that as the CREM industry is growing a demand for transparency is increasing in the real estate. The paper thus provides a detailed examination of the IFRS 16 reporting, professionalism and digitization in the real estate management.


Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 2:

A review of the guiding frameworks for public real estate development and management



Topic Description :This paper reviews the guiding frameworks for public real estate development and management in Nigeria. Research shows that effective management of the property, an involvement of stakeholders and suitable estate management methodologies are required for sustainable real estate management in Nigeria. The paper provides with a theoretical evaluation of the current policies and highlights the instabilities in the real estate sector. In the end, there are recommendations that further work is necessary to refine the guiding frameworks for the public real estate.


Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 3:

An analysis of the UK real estate industry from its development and management perspective

Topic Description :The objective of this paper is to highlight the outlook for the development and management of the real estate industry of the UK. A number of studies and reports conducted within the last 20 years have been studied. Various resources such as academic journals, government reports, and the report suggested by economists and auditing authorities have been considered while collecting the data for this paper. Then, the key findings from every report are highlighted and the growth of the public real estate sector has been analysed. The paper follows a narrative approach in which every reference report is studied in-depth to fabricate some important insights for future strategies


Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 4:

Real estate booms and declines in emerging economies - an analysis of trends and reasons

Topic Description :This paper investigates the trends and reasons behind the real estate boom and decline in industrialized countries. The present and past scenarios in real estate of almost 10 countries have been identified to understand the change in trends and furthermore the major causes of these changes. It has been found that the decline, as well as the bloom of the real estate industry, is dependent on certain variables such as interest rates, credit development, local and global money, and irregular mortgage markets. Also, the real estate boom in the countries has been quite regular throughout which has seemingly overshadowed the busts in the sector.


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Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 5:

Assessing the subprime meltdown in California: A five-year review

Topic Description :The housing markets of California have suffered a lot from the past decade because of the housing crashes. Reports suggest that almost 30% of households in different parts of California cannot afford local rents. This paper analyses the ‘subprime mortgage crises in California also known as the ‘mortgage meltdown’ over the course of the last 5 years. It presents an in-depth examination of the current housing market, migration, and employment trends in California. The data collected from various surveys and reports are analysed to determine how the above-stated trends have shifted, declined, or improved in these 5 years.

Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 6:

An analysis of the student buy-to-let market in Exeter

Topic Description :The student population in the United Kingdom has been rising tremendously since 2011 making student property investments a high-demand market in the cities such as Liverpool and Birmingham. This paper explores a similar student buy-to-let market in Exeter where student housing is at boom currently. The paper examines several reasons why student accommodation investments are raising in Exeter by studying the data presented in the national and International reports. The major highlights of the findings are a tremendous improvement in Exeter University’s rank. It is now ranked as one of the top 10 UK universities with around 25% of the student population being international.

Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 7:

Ensuring the uninsurable: Real estate within floodplains

Topic Description :Studies show that due to change in climate flooding can become increasingly frequent in the United Kingdom. This paper examines the evolution of the UK flood Insurance sector on a perspective of Social Justice. It has been observed that the UK flood Insurance sector is turning individualist where it should have a more solidarity approach. The paper involves an in detail analysis of the elements that have led to the current policies. The approach of the flood insurance has been classified under the categories of ‘solidarity’ and ‘market-oriented’. The need for a better solidaristic model in terms of fairness and social justice has been suggested.

Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 8:


Topic Description :A common question of debate that arises in the real estate transactions is about the role of real estate attorneys in the whole process. There are several tasks such as preparation of deeds, transfers, releases, and other legal documents that require a lawyer. But due to the standardization of forms and procedures, their role is quite diminished in the process. This paper reviews both sides of the argument by identifying the areas and situations where it is mandatory to get a lawyer or if it is just an attempt to protect the monopoly of attorneys on the real estate industry.

Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 9:

What is the difference between inner city and suburban real estate?

Topic Description :This paper highlights the key differences in the real estate industry of suburban and inner-city areas of the United States. Data from the latest reports suggest that suburban areas of Riverside, Atlanta, and Boston have 3 times more residents than the urban areas. The rents in suburbs are much cheaper than in the cities although the apartment construction is not that quick as compared to the cities. The paper investigates the underlining causes of such results by outlining their consequent effects on the real estate industry of the cities and suburbs.

Example Real Estate Dissertation Topic 10:

How can a buyer negotiate a better price on a piece of real estate?

Topic Description :This is a study conducted on the trends of negotiating prices with the sellers. A group of subsequent buyers and sellers of the property was surveyed to understand their perceptions of the art of getting the right price with negotiations. Several works of literature regarding the same have been studied for forming the survey questionnaire and collecting background facts. The paper suggests four ‘power negotiators’ or the ‘negotiating pressure points’ that can be used by the buyers to get a better deal - having options in the mind, time pressure negotiation, projecting to walk away from the deal, and gathering complete information about the property and the seller.

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