Social Work Dissertation Topics


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If you are aspiring to become a social worker for the betterment of the society, your dissertation work plays a crucial role in setting up your career. A common dilemma that you may face here is in choosing a suitable title for your dissertation. Students often choose a topic that sounds powerful but they lack interest in it. To brighten up your academic and professional career always choose a social work dissertation title where you can present a cognitive approach towards a social change or a strong opinion. To direct you further, here are some intelligible social work dissertation topics.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 1:

The impact of multi-agency working on safeguarding children: a literature and practice-based review.

Topic Description: Child Protection has always been a major concern of the societies. In such cases, multi-agencies are often observed as taking appropriate actions and addressing the concerns of the children. This paper examines the impact of the multi-agencies (a range of organizations, professional groups and services) in safeguarding children in terms of their efficacy in communication, functionality and management of staff. Literature regarding the same has been keenly reviewed and primary data is collected for the research from interviews of several professionals who are working in different multi-agencies. Finally, strategies to strengthen their position in safeguarding the children are also discussed.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 2:

An exploration of attitudes and perceptions of oppression apparent between healthcare practitioners and the Polish community.

Topic Description: This dissertation examines the perceptions of the healthcare practitioners and Polish community in order to study the barriers to accessing Norwegian healthcare services by the Polish migrants. The qualitative research methodology has been incorporated in the research where several Polish migrants were interviewed in order to find out about the facilitators and barriers in the provision of the health care services in Norway. The root causes of the most common problems that are faced by the migrants are studied in depth - communication problems, the perception of doctors and attitude of healthcare personnel. This dissertation shows that various patient-related and system-related barriers exist in the healthcare system of Norway.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 3:

Learning to hold back: The practical application of empowerment for service users.

Topic Description: The main aim of social service should always be concerned with the empowerment of social service users because as they will feel empowered they will be able to take control of their lives in a better way and thus can act as a better member of the society. But, there are times and situations in which the assertive social service leads to disempowerment among the users. This paper examines this argument by interviewing a group of social workers and exploring the pieces of literature in this area of study. Based on the findings, several effective strategies for the empowerment of users are suggested to the social work enthusiasts.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 4:

Describe the health issues that can arise because of poverty.

Topic Description: Data reveals that the life expectancy in the least developed countries is as low as 49 years and this lifespan can be found as high as 77 years in the rich countries which clearly indicate that poverty and health are strongly interrelated. This dissertation presents an extensive study of links between poverty and health and examines the different health issues that arise in developing and underdeveloped countries due to poverty, for example, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, malaria, diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition. Several works of literature such as publications from the World Health Organization and World Bank have been considered to collect concrete facts for the research.


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Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 5:

The significance of motivational practices at the workplace.

Topic Description: Research at global levels shows that only 13% of employees are engaged in work while 63% of them are not engaged due to lack of motivation and the rest 24% are totally unproductive, which means a large percentage of them are not contributing much in their companies. Employee motivation is indeed a crucial aspect of the workplace as it not only leads to better performance of the employees but also of the organization as a whole. This dissertation explores the importance of employee motivation and the several ways it can benefit the employees. On reviewing the present literature and surveying employees of several multinational companies, the paper also suggests the effective ways to increase employee motivation in organizations.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 6:

Reasons that give rise to divorce cases

Topic Description: Studies conducted at various parts of the world reveal that modern age marriages are leading to frequent divorces as compared to the traditional marriages. This study is conducted to identify the very causes of divorce among the divorce-seeking men and women in the UK. It is a descriptive analysis of data that was collected from interviewing 600 people (356 women and 244 men) who requested for a divorce in the past 6 years as per a National Survey Agency in the UK. Finally, preventive measures regarding the identified issues have been stated.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 7:

Opportunities for employment for survivors of domestic violence.

Topic Description: It has been found that victims of domestic violence often have to face discrimination in the workplace. At a place where the financial security and economic independence is required the most, the consequences of a discriminative environment may force them to leave their jobs. This paper highlights how through community awareness and employee cooperation the situation can be handled in a better way. Case studies of two prominent community services for women in Melbourne have been reviewed in order to identify how better job opportunities can be created for domestic violence victims.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 8:

Should therapists ask childhood sexual abuse victims about their thoughts on sex with children?

Topic Description: This research presents a social constructionist perspective on the attitude of the therapists towards the victims of childhood sexual abuse since childhood abuse can have long-lasting effects on the victims. In fact, reports reveal that childhood sexual abuse is unfortunately quite prevalent in the United States and Canada which means that therapist unknowingly maybe working with adult survivors of childhood abuse as well. This study thus explains how therapists can be more sensitive to the needs of the survivors. The analysis is done on the basis of semi-structured interviews of 27 female survivors of varied age groups about their therapy sessions and the respective recommendations are listed.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 9:

Social Positioning in Social Work Practice: Stories of Hopes and Struggles among Racialized Minority Workers

Topic Description: The objective of this qualitative dissertation is to explore and understand the experiences of racialized social workers. It has been found that racialized social workers experience less number of social service activities than any non-racialized worker. Data for the same has been collected by a conversation with 10 social workers in the Winnipeg. Several aspects of social positioning among the racialized workers have been addressed such their perceptions about their identity in the society, how they position themselves in the society, their social work experiences and how do they deal with the experiences.

Example Social Work Dissertation Topic 10:

The Risk of Risk: An Exploration of the Impact of “Risk” on Child Welfare Decision-making.

Topic Description: The decision-making process in child welfare is complex and involves several factors that need to be considered such as a geographic context and the attitude of the coworkers. This paper examines the child protection and welfare policies of five local authorities in England and examines the factor that they pay attention to while making a decision. Then, the impact of such ‘risk’ factors have been analysed in depth and discussed in details in order to suggest that how practising wisdom is extremely crucial in making and implementing effective child welfare decisions.

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