Sociology Dissertation Topics


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Dissertations may be defined as an elaborative essay on particular topic that is usually used for assessment in universities. The trace of human society formation can be traced back to ancient times as humans started to live together in form of groups. Long time has passed by and there were much advancement in the human society. Students and scholars need to trace back these basic fundamentals in order to grasp the modern theories related to the human society formation. A typical dissertation related to sociology may be graded to chapters starting from a brief introduction, literature review about the existing journals and after this methodologies are materialized which provides us with detailed information related to design approach and the philosophy used. The findings and result is used to justify the research which is generally followed by conclusions.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 1:

Identifying the positive and negative aspects of inter sub-cultural social interaction

Topic Description: Firstly this topic falls under the category of fine sociology dissertation topics. However, before proceeding further deep in to the topic students must break the topic into two terms first inter sub cultural and second social interaction thus proceeding further by interconnecting both the terminology. Various subcultures can be derived from a single culture and the way they interact with each other forms the basis of the topic. For this user needs to access various journals, collect all the necessary information’s and process them into a finalized report. Besides assessing the journals the student can directly mix with the people living in that culture and gain all the information’s needed to form a report.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 2:

Is the Gramscian concept of hegemony relevant for an understanding of UK culture today?

Topic Description: The concept of Gramscian concept of hegemony of a culture was termed by an Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci which states that a culturally diverse society is to be dominated by and altered only by the ruling class people. On the other hand the culture of UK is made up of people migrating from all over the world and each one of them belongs to a different culture. These people are living happily in UK after adopting certain things from UK’s culture. To make this Sociology Dissertation Idea successful, the pupils need to trace back many historical research papers from the past as well as access recent studies to get information from them and process them into a final report.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 3:

Assessing how the methodological ideas of Max Weber can describe the concepts and principles relevant for present day cultural developments.

Topic Description: Max Weber was a German sociologist whose theories are considered to be the base of modern society formation. So we can say that modern cultural developments can be described from his theories and research. Weber's theories are based on the theories based on books written by Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim. He revolutionized the ways of thinking of people. In order to conduct this research the student has to study papers related to the ancient theories of present day cultural developments and cultural developments along with papers that analyses Weber's theories. After this the information’s are processed to form a final report and make it fall under the best Sociology Dissertation Titles.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 4:

Can the ideas of whole groups in society mentioned by Durkheim, and later by the Durkheim school, be used to construct a view of modern culture?

Topic Description: David Emile Durkheim is considered a principal architect of the modern society along with Karl Marx, Weber etc. His theories were mainly concerned for building up modern outlook of the people living in the present society. His theories stressed on the facts that discrimination based on caste and creed were needed to be stopped for a society to grow. All the information regarding the theories are based on secondary research where the students are required to access the journals relating to the topic and how it forms the scaffold for the modern society. Reports are to be designed in resemblance to his theories and make the sociology dissertation topic successful.


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Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 5:

Predisposition of America’s Law Enforcement towards Racial Stereotyping, Discrimination and Profiling

Topic Description: This sociology dissertation topic presently is in high demand. Racial profiling can be defined as the act of targeting a specific person and harassing him on basis of his race caste and religion. These terminologies are mainly in use in the United States of America however the Europeans use the term ethnicity profiling with the meaning remaining the same. These are mainly misuse of the federal law. USA is mainly known as the land of immigrants where equal status is given to each and every people living over there. However recently certain incidents have been reported on this issue and therefore pupil’s needs to study these issues and design their reports accordingly.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 6:

The religious perspective of role and importance of Women in modern society: Islam versus Christianity

Topic Description: This is a very delicate and a vast issue and lots of controversies are present regarding it. Christianity allows grants equal status to men and women whereas Christianity does not grant equal rights to men and women. The Burkha system is practiced within the Muslim women because their religion suggests them to remain behind the curtains. However certain reforms were formed recently in Saudi Arabia where the government is allowing women to have access to driving licenses. The students must also read modern journals, Integrate old record and design their report accordingly in order to produce a successful Sociology dissertation Idea.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 7:

To explore the significance of having a strong association between religious teaching and academic teaching

Topic Description: This is one of the most Controversial Sociology Dissertation topics. Ancient teachings on many parts of the world had teaching that was mainly based on religious activities. Even today Islam has religious teaching in their schools and they are mainly termed as Madrasas. The reports on this dissertation topic must contain analyzed reports on how efficient religious teachings are in contrast to modern academic education system. It will require some elbow grease in order to make out the findings related to this topic, analyzed them and draft them into a final reports.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 8:

Dissertation on the sociological perspectives in the training of a teacher

Topic Description: Teachers play a very important role in our society. They can be described as a force that drives the entire education in a society. They are the ones who shape the future of any nation. A teacher is a friend solicitor and guide to a child. They are the one who enlightens the life of any child hence good teachers are an asset to a nation. Besides teaching, a teacher has many social responsibilities in perspective to his students. Students therefore are required to conduct both primary and secondary research in order to draft their project thus making the sociology dissertation topic successful.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 9:

An approach to pornography from a feminist empowerment perspective.

Topic Description: Most of the pornographic content present over the internet are based mainly on male’s perspective. This can be defined as one of the most controversial sociology dissertation idea. They may have many bad effects on a society specially the third world countries. The contents need to be from a feminist viewpoint also. Reports are to be designed accordingly. By this the feminists’ viewpoint on sexual behaviours can easily be understood and thus further extensive research needs to be done on this topic of sociology. If a dissertation on this topic is to be made, then survey or personal interview of women of various ages can be taken.

Example Sociology Dissertation Topic 10:

The supposed racial dominance of Caucasians over others

Topic Description: Recently many incidents were to be reported against the racial dominance of the Caucasians over the other people. Research is to be designed in accordance with the recent findings from the journals and newspapers and highlight the causes of these incidents also provide suitable measures for curbing these situations. Over the years, many researchers have been done on the topic of racial dominance, and thus a secondary research would be convenient for this one. For this, number of books and journals can be referred to.

From the discussions that are made above it can be easily concluded that this are some of the recent trend in sociology. Research work on these topics shall help in further improvement of the theories relating to the society and thus broadening the outlook of the modern people. The students have also to provide a reference list of the authors whose research work they have analysed in order to make their dissertation successful. These works will be for the betterment of the people living in the modern society. Our dissertation writing services help the students to gain good knowledge and good grades. We offer absolutely plagiarism free writings. If purchased, the students can easily impress their mentors.

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