Tourism Dissertation Topics


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Over the recent years, Tourism has become a popular subject area for academic research. A good dissertation on Tourism is often characterized as the one that provides innovative solutions in the subject area as well as drives the researcher to explore further. But due to the ambiguity of the tourism sector, finding intriguing tourism dissertation ideas can be a challenging task for the students. Therefore, we bring some of the best tourism dissertation titles for your reference.

Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 1:

How to develop Edinburgh as an ecotourism destination?

Topic Description :Ecotourism can be defined as a sustainable tourism that aims at preserving the local environment rather than exploiting it. This dissertation discusses the methods of how, Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland can be developed as an ecotourism destination. The city is draped with rocky hills, buildings and monuments and has a rich cultural heritage. Whether it is the art festivals, the Edinburgh Castle or the National Museum of Scotland, travelling to the city is always a new experience for tourists. In fact, its old town is one of the top travel destinations of the UK. The paper highlights such several travel attractions of the city and suggests how ecotourism can benefit each of them.


Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 2:

Examining the benefits of integrated marketing communication to ecotourism in the UK

Topic Description :Marketing Communication plays a key role in promoting ecotourism in the UK. Marketing not only holds the knowledge about how we can promote new ideas among the customers but also how the customers behave. That is why marketing has a great potential in turning a tourist into conscious travellers who by seeking authentic tours can adequately give back to the community they visit. Hence, the study describes how carefully designed environmental oriented Marketing Communication such as advertisements, direct marketing, sales promotion, personal selling or public relations can benefit ecotourism and thereby sustainable development in the United Kingdom.


Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 3:

How has Ecotourism affected consumer buying behaviour globally?

Topic Description :Having knowledge about the tourists’ buying behaviour is an important factor as it can help the local companies in qualifying their products and services as per the customer requirements. To understand this behaviour the aspect of tourism should always be taken into account. Based on the Stimulus-Response of Consumer Behavior Model, proposed by Middleton (1994), this paper identifies how the rise of ecotourism can affect the consumer buying behaviour at the global level. Taking into account that different tourist may behave in diverse ways, several ecotourism factors that may influence the customers such as environmental concerns, knowledge about the destination, reference groups and awareness on sustainable development are discussed here.


Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 4:

Analysis of Motivations for Rural Tourism

Topic Description :The academic and political literature identifies rural tourism as a diversification strategy that can cause the economic development of a community. If we want to promote rural tourism we must make efforts in understanding what motivates the tourists for engaging in it. In this study, a series of surveys were conducted where the questionnaire is formulated to identify the motivations and characteristics of the tourists visiting rural places. The study talks about different types of tours such as nature seekers, heritage seekers, beach seekers and multi-experience seekers and thereby highlights the market potential of the rural tourism.


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Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 5:

Role of Tourism in Economic Development

Topic Description :Tourism is one of the largest industries of the world. For many countries, tourism can cater to regional development by playing a momentous role in generating income, providing employment opportunities, and increasing foreign exchange earnings. Along with these, the economic benefits of tourism include the establishment of several facilities such as railways, accommodations, public transport, airways, water supply, electricity, shopping facilities, and many more. The paper provides a detailed study of the relationship between tourism and economic development of a country. The data for the same has been collected from various secondary resources such as reports of WTO, World Travel and Tourism Council, books, journals, and the internet.

Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 6:

To what extent can increase awareness of the need to conserve water resources impact upon water use in tourist destinations?

Topic Description :The scarcity of water is a prevailing issue in many urban as well as rural tourist places around the United Kingdom. To counter this problem sustainable water management policies have been adopted by the government then and there. But the main reason for the success of any such campaigns could be awareness among the locals as well as the tourists about conserving water resources. The following paper examines how tourists' attitude towards conventional usage of water brings an impact on the water usage in such travel destinations. The analysis is based upon a comparative research done on the survey data collected from the tourists of the topmost travel destinations of the United Kingdom.

Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 7:

What lessons were learned from the most recent Foot and Mouth epidemic in the UK in terms of tourism?

Topic Description :The objective of this paper is to examine the lessons learnt from the Foot and Mouth epidemic in the United Kingdom. In 200 the foot and mouth disease out broke in the UK and slaughtered more than 6.5 million animals. Each chapter of this paper describes the major lesson learned such as maintaining vigilance and being aware of the threat before, spreading awareness among the people through plans and policies, preparing for such problems in advance and how to react if an epidemic hits. The paper also highlights the positive decisions and strong leadership examples of the authorities at the time of the epidemic. We have also provided some key conclusions and a list of recommendations.

Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 8:

Elaborating on the different cuisines of the world

Topic Description :Can food really help in the growth of tourism as well as the hospitality industry of a place? From a report published by the World Tourism Organization, it has been found that people's interest in food and culinary is responsible to take them back to familiar travelling destinations where they can enjoy the tried and tested recipes once again. It has also been suggested that this interest in cuisine is greatly responsible for people travelling to further destinations and exploring more new, special and ethnic recipes. Based on these findings, this paper examines the 10 most popular and bizarre cuisines of the world. The places include Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Moscow, Thailand and Malaysia. The paper elaborates on these cuisines by taking deep insights into their history and present scenario.

Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 9:

Taking a close and sharp look at the local people of varied places

Topic Description :The tourism experience is incomplete without the cooperation and support of the local people of that place. This paper takes a step further and examines how tourism affects the local people. The attitude and perceptions of the residents of Mauritius are surveyed here and then analysed on the basis of socio-cultural stability, cultural impacts, physical influences on the society, crimes and behaviour and similar other factors. The paper concludes that despite some negative aspects of tourism on the locals, people recognise that tourism brings better economic opportunities and positive impacts in the locality such as better standard of living, travelling facilities, healthcare and medical facilities.

Example Tourism Dissertation Topic 10:

Taking a curt look at the mental evolution that tourism causes

Topic Description :Many studies have been conducted to measure the impacts of tourism on the economy, socio-culture and environment of the developing countries. But there aren't many researchers done on how tourism affects the mental well being of the tourists. This paper reviews all such studies conducted in this area and identifies the potential, direct as well as indirect effects of the tourism on the psychology and mental health of the tourists. The objective of this paper also expands on providing recommendations on the current gaps between mental health and tourism. The main areas of the study are - tourism and health. tourist health, tourism in the developing countries and its socio-cultural, economic and environmental impacts, public health and impacts of tourism.

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